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    Hey guys i'm brand new to the motorized bicycle scene. With the gas crunch i've decided that it would be smart to build a bike as i'm living in san diego and everything i need is within a few miles.
    I'm looking at building a typical cruiser setup with a 2 stroke 66cc. I've been reading the last two hours on this forum and have found that a lot of people really praised chris hill for his kits but he's shut down his operation. Then i found that the RAW kits got some good reviews but they've seem to of gone out of business. My budget for a complete kit is under 200 and if it was a tad more i think i would go with thatsdax because of everything positive that everybody has said about his service and products. i'm still considering it but i'd rather spend less as i'm a poor college student. I also hope to put together some bikes to sell as soon as i get all of the kinks worked out on the first build, turn a little profit. I've done plenty of engine rebuilding on small block chevys and 2 stroke MX bikes so i think i should be able to catch on without too much trouble.
    I've read some good stuff on the Jet engine kits but then have also read that they are the same as the GRUBEE kits, which everybody claims to be ****. If anybody could throw out some recommendations for a solid reliable setup i'd really appreciate it.

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    the price and the price

    The main problem that I have found is that there's more than just the price of the kit. I had to upgrade my bicycle so they could handle the extra power and vibration. I also had to buy separate mounting hardware that would fit the frame that I own.

    My rear wheel I built with a special adapter made by Kings cycle and I wound up spending as much money on my rear wheel as I did on my motor kit. I also got a tuned pipe and that helps me run the smaller gear on my rear sprocket.I started with a 44 and now I have a 36.

    Since I have a small bicycle shop I can do much of the work myself and even so have spent way over the price of the kit. The way I figure it I bought this kit and took a class in two cycle motor repair maintenance and tuning. All in all it's still cheaper than buying a small motorcycle or a scooter. It would still be nice though, if I could keep the thing running for more than week at a time.

    The engine I am currently using is a Skyhawk and I must've gotten one that was built on a Monday, because I've had all kinds of trouble with it. I did upgrade all of the hardware with the kit from Sick Bike Parts, but things keep breaking. I am now waiting for a new clutch lever because the button that keeps the clutch disengaged on my old one broke(sigh).

    I will say that these little engines are a lot of fun to run around on. And I've gotten mainly positive responses when I'm riding around town. So all in all, it seems like a fun little hobby, but if you have a standard bicycle I would keep "it just in case".

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    welcome.....happytimes eng kits cheep...

    welcome t the forum...
    slap any label you want on them
    its a happytimes eng ..
    the cheepest place i know...
    I have 2 of them and am very happy.. but warning...he does sell some cheep junk.
    hope this helps.
    good luck enjoy.
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    Without doing mods to hop it up for more power I think the only things you need to change are the cylinder studs, engine mounting studs, and the CDI. Those are the weakest links.
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    BAD ADVICE! Aparantly q did not read the site: