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  1. gemballa

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    Hi! Im from brazil, I just waiting for my 80cc(ok I know its 69cc lol) motor kit arrive from china...
    But I already have some questions here ...

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  2. wheelbender6

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    Welcome to the forum. Will you be runiing it on gasoline or ethanol?
  3. gemballa

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    U guess it! This was almost my exat question....

    I would like to put 100% pure gasoline on it, but here in Brasil the gasoline is mixed with 20% ethanol, that means:

    80% gasoline
    20% ethanol

    This will ruin the motor?

    I read that you can take out ethanol from gasoline doing this expriment:

    1liter gasoline+ethanol + 1liter Water with satureted NaCl
    Mix well

    The water+nacl+alcahool will mix together and go to bottom
    Gasoline will stay on top...
    But I think is to risky( watter and salt on the motor by accident)

  4. gemballa

    gemballa New Member

    Another question, I would Like to put gears on the motor chain, so I could use the motor RPM/Torque better, there is a good way to doit?
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    Up Up Upup
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    Hey Gemballa..Welcome to Mbc..We all love a Brazilian..Good Luck.. Eno in Oz