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    Today I randomly got the idea to attach a lawnmower engine to my bike. I soon figured out that was not the right way to do it, weed whacker engines are where its at. I never knew about this underground clan you guys have here on this forum. Anyways, I have slight mechanic knowledge from cars I have had in the past. I want to know if there is a place on this forum that breaks down the whole process of installing the engine onto your bike with pictures along with it. Also if there is a place that has a list of materials that I would most likely need to install the engine. I am eager to start my build but I am definitely lost, I dont know where to start. Also if anyone can give me insight on the best engines to install, I want something that's fast and reliable for the smallest cost.

    Thank You

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    LOL! that was pretty funny icant!

    Great beginner's post for him GN. While I agree w/ the video, roller drives suk! What I can say is that they are cheaper and easier to make.

    Providing information, such as your physical size and State would help the members decide what would be better for you.

    If I went through Buffalo w/ the contraption in Dave's video, I'd be locked up in ten or so minutes! Provided I couldn't find a fence to toss it over and continue ridding on the other side!

    You have several options, even a verticle lawnmower can be modified to work when mounted on a rear rack and inkage made to pull the motor over so the shaft (holding a friction roller) rubs on your sidewall. There was a video of this but I can't find it. I'm sure one of our other members might know the link?

    Click on my name and visit my page, you'll see a photo gallery of my bike. You can purchase one of the kits for under 200 bucks (delivered) and bolt it on a bike.

    Some bikes are easier to modify than others, research! Some vendor's are more reputable research! All the answers are here!
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    I highly recomend getting a MB.COM T-shirt from scott once your done w/your build! You can proudly tell the people asking questions where you got your answers. The shirts are reasonably priced and high quality!

    I don't think I'm allowed to promote a vendor of HT kits here?
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    If you are not a vendor that rule does not apply, help him out anyway you can...(I would say where I got my first motor, but aparantly I was lucky and got one of the three that works.)
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    LOL, Don't get an HT from BGF on e-bay unless your ready for problems! I suggest Dax or Blue Collar Bob if they are still in business. Thanks Stan!
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