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  1. Duffmeister

    Duffmeister New Member

    I am an experienced Metal Fabricator and Welder as well as a Master Electrician who is semi-retired and lives in Wisconsin.

    I am interested in building some Motored bikes - Currently looking at the
    Grubee Race 80/66cc Silver Skyhawk Angle Fire Bicycle ( 1GRU66SSHAF )
    With the 80/66cc CNS V2 Racing Carburetor - Any Opinions ?

    Does anyone out there have experience with this engine kit the vendor: ?


  2. Dave C

    Dave C Member

    Hi and welcome.

    Only thing is the carb. People here have been having a great deal of trouble with the CNS V2. Mine's the V1. The main difference as far as I can tell is I have a tube that runs from the bottom of the bowl to a barbed vent tube up by the 2 control cables, the newer ones don't. It's supposed to be the fuel circuit for the enrichment-style of choke. To take the barbed vent off means there has to be a drilled internal passage for the fuel....or not :p

    I got my CNS carb last fall from BGF. I'd order one again. I MIGHT be 1 of the few that has done better with the CNS that the stock which I could never get to idle :p
  3. Duffmeister

    Duffmeister New Member

    Thanks for the info on the Carb - External Bottle

    Thanks again for the info on the carb.

    Have seen an accessory that gathers atomized fuel air mixture in an external bottle - It evidentially helps to keep the engine with enough atomized gas so it run better at idle and makes the engine smoother.

    I am also a big fan of using Stihl Ultra 2 Cycle oil ( Made for 15,000 RPM Chainsaws) really keeps engines clean and carbs happy. Also use Stabil all the time.

  4. Dave C

    Dave C Member

    Ah, yeah, the Boost Bottle. Debate rages on as to weither it works or not. I have one, many do not. They have entered the realm of personal preference.

    I prefer to have one :cool:
  5. ---- 10 Drager ----

    ---- 10 Drager ---- New Member

    --- CNS inlet manifolds often snap.
    --- Though, these things respond well to any bigger carby other then the athesmatic 50cc NT with the round black filter box found in most 66-80cc kits. But Skyhawk delivers well with proper carbys
    ---Stock gearing (44 - 50 T rear) is over-rev junk with very low speed torque gains.
    36 is good streetable with a bit of pace but could go less teeth for more fun, but a bit more semi-peddeling.
    --- A bit of cutting and/or drilling on the outlet tube of the stock muffler baffle also helps increase rev range- just dont open the final exit diamiter and back preasuure should be OK, just give the exhuast gas flow a slightly more direct route, Gotta go way to far cutting to make it proper loud.
    ---Your a welder, you'll nail the rest!! suprize us.