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  1. My name is Dan. I recently installed a z80 kit on an old Huffy. I joined to recieve tips on enhancing performenace and ideas for possible new projects.

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    Hi, Dan. Here's your first tip: get a Metric tap set with some kind of a non-runny lube for it. I use an Energy Release Tap-stick that appears to be out of production but a grease will do as well, the idea being the grease will carry off the tapping chips and is easier to clean up. Reason being is they did not tap the holes to the bottom leading to stripped threads. Intake and exhaust holes need to be tapped but do not do the main head studs until you have replacement studs. The SBP head studs did not fit in the stock all. Instead of being M8 1.00 it's more like they are M7.85 1.00, close but no cigar. Tapping the head stud holes with the stock studs will lead to them stripping out. The solution is to get the SBP studs, tap the stripped hole and use JB Weld to lock the studs in the block.

    Harbor Freight has a real inexpensive metric tap set for just under $12. I have an older set and the new set is of a *much* higher quality.

    Use the search function and then ask any unanswered questions, we're glad to help:helmet:
  3. Thanks. Great tip. I actually had to tap the holes on the intake manifold and chase the threads on the studs during assembly.

    Any hints just to make it run better, ie more power using whats already there.
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    hey bad where u at in mo im also in mo im in sikeston where you at
  5. St Louis. So,+ do you have to dodge the rolls from Lambert's constantly? jk
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    no not really glad to see more of us in missouri . i'm the only one in a town of 17 ooo people who do this and no hassle from any of the cops they love it.....