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Glad to see a new forum up, I havn't seen any others since the Grubee forum went away last year. I have two motorized bikes.

I was riding my stretch cruiser at the Golden Aspen motorcycle rally in Ruidoso, NM two weeks ago and out of 40,000 people and 15,000 bikers I was the only one that got a picture in the newspaper and on the front page at that. A huge picture of me on my bike on the front page.

Me vs. $100,000 Harleys: scan sm.jpg

A previous rally pic:

Hopefully this forum will take off cause I really have the motorized bike bug and could use some support.

I have plans for an old school lowrider in the works.


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Aug 4, 2006
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Welcome to the forum!

I totally agree with you about how this forum needs to take off. I don't think it will be that difficult as there aren't really any other motorized bicycle forums based in the US. I had been searching for a good forum for months, when I finally decided I would take on the task of making a forum.

That is amazing that you were the only one with your pic in the paper for that ride. It's makes sense as your bike is way cooler than everyone else's. I really like the way that stretch cruiser looks. Way better than my goofy mountain bikes.

I noticed you have a bunch of pics of your bikes, if you would like, I can post a gallery of all your photos, just send me all the pictures (or links to pictures) that you would like included. Also, when you finish your website, I can link to that too.

I wish I could get my picture on the front page of the paper!


I havn't finished my site even though I'm a webdesign/developer and run many sites. I wished I could play with bikes full time and the bikes get enough attention I could sell quite a few. In fact I had a guy on our main street offer me a shop and street front space to sell the bikes on a very busy tourism street with year round foot traffic.

I havn't become convinced I could make money. If I had 4-5 thousand to put into it at one time I would give it a try. About the time I got ready to do it the 2 strokes were banned from import and I decided to back off until I found a long term supply of motors.

I'm two hours from Mexico and considered setting up a place to import there. Grady Howell at thatsdax seems to have an affordable supply of good motors but I'm sure his supply will run out out soon.

For now though I love the bikes and everyone else does too.

I'm really getting the bug to build one of these with a motor. Either a trike with trailer or just a 2 wheeler:

Complete with a stereo and hydraulics like a real lowrider. I once had a great stereo on a bicycle back in Boston it was a super cool portable stereo with boom bass.

I already know how to do the stereo. Its simple. An MP3 player, voltage inverter, battery, a little home theater speaker system with big bass, around a hundred bucks total for big sound.

Man I'd love to play with bikes all day!


Great I'll bookmark that one. That would be my other choice besides the trike is to build an old style upright Harley/Indian replica.

This one just sold not too long ago on ebay for about $750. It was one of my all time favorites and sold for much less than I valued it at.



Bike 1903

Walker that is Rusties bike he is on the >>>> <<<<<site he needed more room and had to sell his baby but you should see his every day bike it is a pirate bike :)
If you go to the motokruser site rusty would be glad to tell you how he made this bike he is always wanting to share knowledge.

I am on several cycle motor sites and have been on some of the old ones that went belly up I like this site u guys are cool and the guys on the motorkruser site are great to talk to and the gallery has some great ideas unfortunately I do not have a metal shop.


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