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    hey-ho! I drive a magna breakpoint 18 speed mountain bike with a 66cc/2 stroke motor. I've been stopped about a dozen times, have been banned in my hometown of Boyertown, Pa and have tried to go legal even e-mailing penndot about how I can obtain a v.i.n. so I can register my bike and obtain tags and insurance. I sure could use some help from someone who has pulled this off in PA... So far after 2 weeks I've yet to hear anything from penndot and the tag dealers in this area are ignorant of the laws and status of ongoing litigation in this matter. Is there someone out there who can help? Please respond a.s.a.p. as I have chosen to lock down the bike until I can go legal. I'm so tired of cops who have nothing better to do than park and wait for me to pass as I travel to my job and pull me over. Fortunately, I've yet to be written up, only detained and searched for possible contraband as I must be some kind of low life that I choose not to own a car, which I haven't in 20+ years. I do have a valid drivers license. Please HELP!!!

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