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  1. eli346

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    alright so i thought these things looked pretty cool so i went on ebay and bought an engine kit. it didnt come with any sort of a manual either. but i figured the first thing to do would be to get the sprocket on the rear wheel well i got the wheel and everything off then i accidently had the entire rear wheel hub fall apart on me. so now everything has been sitting for a few months because i have no idea how to get it back together.

  2. professor

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    Hi Eli, one option would be to get another wheel and start over.
    Seems to me you unscrewed the axle nuts and bearings.
    How about a pic _IF_ you still have all the parts and bearings.
    There is a youtube video on putting one of the 2 stroke kits together.
  3. eli346

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    that picture is with all the parts and pieces. i took the bolt off about a month ago and all the bearings and parts fell out into a pile of sawdust on the floor. so now i have to clean and regrease them also.

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  4. professor

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    Not nearly as bad as I thought- you should be able to figure out the assembly sequence by installing the brake side first. All you needed to do in the first place was remove the brake arm to get the sprocket and rubber thing on. See how the arm is held on by a large nut.
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    Holy you mean to tell me that you are wanting to build a motorized bike, and you can't re-assemble the rear axle, and bearings?
    Wow...good luck with actually being able to put the motor on the bike. And good luck getting the rear sprocket mounted to the wheel.
    If you can't figure out the rear wheel bearings and axle, how in the world do you expect to build a safe bike with a motor on it? Seriously, if you can't figure out how to re-assemble the rear axle, getting the sprocket onto the hub will be a real challenge for you because it's not as easy as just putting some nuts and bolts through some holes. Look out for that pesky coaster brake arm!

    Geeze, I can't understand how there are so many people in this world who do not have BASIC bicycle mechanical skill and knowledge. All I know is that when I was 10 years old, I completely dissassemble my bike, clean and grease all of the bearings, and re-assemble it correctly.
    I don't mean to sound like a jerk or anything, but seriously, there are a ton of things that you need to be able to do in order to put a motor on a bike to make it safe, dependable AND getting it running right.
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  6. eli346

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    i know what im doing on the rest of it i just havent ever had to deal with wheel bearings or the hub before
  7. tjs323626

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    When building a kit one should always break down the hub,clean and re-grease all parts then re-asemble. 1. remove the nut holding the brake arm on. The part just to the right of the sprocket goes on the axel the prongs slip onto indentations on the part already on the axel. 2. a set of bearings go into the race they came out of ,each side of hub has this. then slide the axel into the hub but not all the way. the 2 brake "shoes" on the lower left go onto the part you put on the axel. They only fit one way which will work you have to figure it out. all of this has to fit into the side of the hub ,brake arm side. 3. on the other side put the bearings on then the sprocket slips into the hub and twists into the part with the brake shoes on it. the small bearings go next into a race in the sprocket holder. Then the tapered bearing holder which screws on and holds it all togeather. another nut not shown in the photo should hold this all togeather.
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  9. eli346

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    i got it all together now once i saw how it was supposed to go it was extremely easy.
  10. ez dave

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    that axle and those bearings along with a coaster brake suck, i see it all the time, that is your life depending on inferior parts, go to your lbs (bike shop) and get a decent wheel set. sealed bearings nice hub 2 wall rim etc..
  11. butterbean

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    Seems like you're trying to get your post count up by posting in old threads. Every thread I've seen you reply to is at least two years old. Here is a hint. If it's two years old and no one's responded, it's long past dead and by this time the OP isn't going to care about anyone else's responses.
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    Come om dude if you cant figure that out you will have a hard time with the rest. Go to a por or soneone with a little mech. Know how. Bet you can type &spell a lot better than me