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  1. eco_speed321

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    I'm looking for a winter project and thought I might try a motor bicycle kit. I need a 4 stroke. it has to be under $350 and be ligth and easy to work on. any reconditions.

    also are there any kits that can bolt onto a trailer?
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  2. Dave C

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    Hi and welcome. Peruse the sponsors on the sidepanel. Most of the larger companies have 4 stroke kits, both direct drive and frame mounted. Careful bike selection has a lot to do with ease of installation and is especially inportant to a frame mounted 4 stroke due to the fact they need to be mounted level for the oil sump.

    There are many of these builds documented in the 4 stroke section. Read through as many of those that might pertain to what you need then ask questions. I'm sure there are even suggestions as to what bikes make good canidates for installation.
  3. PatrickW

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    Welcome to MBc. For the finest 4-stroke around, I would recommend the Robin-Subaru OH035. This, of course is my opinion due to the success I have had, and many of the other members have had. Check the specs at The most important points to me are the fantastic oil system with actual internal chambers and anti-backflow valves just like an auto engine. Plus, It has a cylinder liner, not just a cylinder bored into the aluminum where the rings ride. My first choice is Dave Staton, at Staton-inc. He will help to no end to make sure you have what you want. Please, don't just take my word for it...ask around and do your homework. But, don't forget what I have told won't go wrong.
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