New member, new bike (or old bike, that is)

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    Found this bike in a run down small house that called themselves a flea market.
    The bike was parked outside, it looked old, and I liked it I am not knowledgeable about bikes at all, but this bike looks like it could be anywhere from the 50's to 60's.
    On the front of the bike it states it is a Foremost, another label right underneath that says Synchiron. but under the seat it says Mesinger. On the handle bars, states made in Englad, but also on the bike it says made in USA. On the back of the bike by the rear wheel there is a label that says Weinmann Type 810. On the front brackets both say Wald.
    It is a woman's 3 speed bike.
    What the heck do I have?

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    Welcome to Motoredbikes! that looks like a bike I bought in the early 60s. Weinmann made wheels and I think Messinger made seats. Mine came from Western Auto. You have what we used to call an english lightweight bike.
  3. LSS

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    So this is an English bike?
    I am just getting started learning about bikes, but I looked up Foremost bikes and Foremost did not start making bikes until 1972 (?)
    Would this be considered a collectable bike or worth any value?
    I actually think I will clean it up and keep it. I love the old style bike look.
    Thank you for any help.
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