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    Hello everyone,

    My name's Joe and I've been out of touch with the forum scene for quite some time. However, my newest project brings me back to it again, so here we go =) The skinny is I'm finishing out a 5 year driver's license revocation period. I am also a roadie and a freelance event technician. In short, I travel a lot, even locally and in other cities. Given my current lack of proper authority to operate a vehicle on the roadways, I MUST find an alternative means of transportation to get me to and fro, otherwise no work. With that being said, you have the back story behind me and why I'm here. Now for the meat and potatoes.

    As far as what I'm here for is more advice and ideas to bounce around. I have a very good idea of what I want -vs- what I need, but know nothing of the hobby. I'm mechanically apt, but not as well as I could or should be for this project. I do, however, have friends that have more knowledge than I do that will be helping me on my end. What I need from the collective group of MotoredBike geniuses is product knowledge and reccommendations. So let me give you an idea of what I'm looking to accomplish... bear i mind that I have yet to purchase anything and know nothing of what parts are best to use for the applications I need.

    Budget - $1,200 (+Beer)

    - engine large enough to do 35mph average without over-stressing the motor too much
    - cargo space for about 75lbs of gear that I carry with me everywhere with ability to strap/bungee it down
    - disc brakes - front/rear (gotta be able to stop in a hurry!)
    - suspension to minimize roughness in ride (60 mile rides will get real old, real fast otherwise)
    - high enough to see over trunk lids/hoods (gotta look them in the eye before they run me down)

    ??? Given the fact that I'll be riding at 30-35mph on the average, I can assume it's best to accommodate for wider tires so there would be less worry of losing control in wet conditions (I live in South Florida) or worry of a blowout while in motion ???

    - fenders (don't want road water all over me or my gear)
    - i do not care if it is quiet or not but the more quiet the better, obviously.
    - I'm not sure if I'll need multiple gears to achieve the speeds i want or not, but if i do then i suppose i'd need a shifting kit

    That's all I can think of right now... I DABble so I'm sure I forgot something... essentially, though, I need a bike that can do the previously mentioned speeds without strain, is fairly safe to continually take to those speeds, and that can carry my gear without much of a problem. I've looked at some builds on other dedicated sites and the stretch beach cruiser has that ruggedness combined with the look of an actual cafe racer... I'm not sure of the policies of posting pictures or links from/that lead to other dedicated motored bicycle forums, so i won't, but can show examples privately. I have one in particular that pretty much matches what I want, but with a far overpowered motor driving it (i would think anyway). I suppose I'd be willing to chance a larger motor on the fact that as long as I'm not doing 45-50mph on the road regularly that I won't get ticketed =) but I digress.

    I'm very serious about this, have a shop, time, and help to accomplish this project. It is a 0-build and will be documented from start to finish. Please help =) (I now fear I will be inundated with assistance, which is fine by me! =) )

    Thank you, everyone..


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    I recommend a 4 stroke engine with a 3 speed hub and a shift kit. 1200 could probably get you there.
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    Good to here you are active with motorbikes again. You will have to post some of your roadie stories in the Tavern sub-forum on this site.
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    1200 bucks is a great budget if you do everything your self, 4 stroke is imo the only way to go, ive had 5 2 strokes, and im mostly done with them, check out the ez drive kit for a power plant. you can find decent chassis at yard sales thrift store or pawn shop, stay away from walmart bikes, mild steel crappy bearings wheelsets, everything sucks. you dont need gears if you go 4 stroke with a trans, such as ez drive or grubee 5g you will however need wider crankset than stock.