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    Hello: I've just registered with the site and look forward to finding out some needed information. Been interested and looking for a Whizzer for some time. I wanted to obtain an "original" and eventually will but ran across a great buy on what I believe is either a 2000 or 2002 "Re-production" Whizzer...I'll attempt to attach photos but not familiar with this site so they may not down or upload. Anyway, my plans are to do some re-doing work and make her look like an "old school" Whizzer...e.g.; removing the reflectors, stripping her down, painting her possible the old school red/cream color, finding some original parts that can be easily installed, e.g. rear taillight, front light etc. She runs great but just yesterday I blew the rear tire so a new tube is scheduled. My first question (other than eBay) is where can I find some parts for these newer bikes, such as air and fuel filters and other parts. Look forward to using this site and hearing from others. Take care. wnkzz 002.JPG wnkzz 008.JPG wnkzz 009.JPG wnkzz 010.JPG wnkzz 003.jpg wnkzz 004.jpg wnkzz 005.JPG wnkzz 006.jpg wnkzz 007.JPG

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    Nice job, look up Richard Kremer, aka Helmut, he's a local here in Phoenix I have known for decades and he builds Wizzer type frames and knows how to get his hands on real wizzer engines.
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    Thanks, I'll check out his web site.
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    KC....I sent you an email and also attempted to register on your site but couldn't register and keep getting the email back ?
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    Nice looking ride. You'll be getting lots of attention with it.