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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by rabid, Jun 15, 2009.

  1. rabid

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    Started with a craigslist ad for a boygofast motor. Kid bought it complete, could not figure it out, never installed it and I got it for $50.

    Looked around for an old bike to cut up, was planning on a junkyard find, when I strolled past this at a Church yard sale. It is an old "idlewild" (by Matthews) adult trike. Seemed perfect.

    It was missing a few key things, like a frame that would readilly accept the motor, so I made a lower spud mount out of .065 1.25" tubing. I also was fond of the cruiser style bike, so I bent up a top tube using the same steel by laying it against a car frame and jumping on a 10' length until I got the shape I wanted.

    Waiting on a rear 3 cog sprocket from spooky tooth (needs to have a rear drive) and I should be ready for paint.

    First bike build, I have done a triumph chopper and a few old vintage dirt bikes in the past.




  2. stude13

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    very nice start. with the inherent instability of trikes, i suggest lowering and moving the seat rearward. i like your ideas.
  3. rabid

    rabid New Member

    thanks. The seat might not go down too much more due to the top tube being tied into the seat post. I will see what I can do. I am not really looking for a ton of speed, I plan to put a cooler on the back and terrorize campgrounds.

    Would 26"wheels help at all with the stability? I was thinking fatty rear MTB tires, around 2.5". The front might not fit the wheel, but I am getting a 3" susp. fork that should fit. I might yet have to cut and rake the neck to accept it, but I know that would compromise stability even further.