New member - no bike yet but soon I hope

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Jiminminn, Jul 31, 2011.

  1. Jiminminn

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    Hello everybody. Just joined.
    I don't yet have a motorized bicycle but hope to soon. I first fell in love with the idea when I saw an original Whizzer dusty and old stored in my Father-in-law's barn. When I asked if I could buy it from him he said it belonged to someone else and he was just storing it. My heart was broken.
    That was 15 years ago and the idea still rattles around in my head. Now with the price of gas getting so high I was considering a scooter. Then I remembered the Whizzer. I have only trolled around here a little so far but want to learn a lot about different models. I am an engineer and a born tinkerer, so putting some time in on a bike will be fun to me.
    Glad to be here!

  2. Happy Valley

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    Hello and welcome to MBc. I think many of us can identify being a kid and wanting a motor on our bike. Ride safe!