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    Hi, I have been reading the forum for awhile. My name is Arnold Koskela, retired age 72(former trucker) and been in Port Charlotte Fl for a few years, originally from Chicago. I had a Whizzer in my early teens and had a lot of fun with it. I just last week got a new 2008 Ambassador2. So far I havent ridden it much because it dies everytime it goes below about 2000 rpms. I will search the forums more and I am sure the answer is there somewhere. Anyone else in my neighborhood? Looking forward to meeting other Whizzer folks and am impressed with the forum.

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    Welcome from Tampa Bay....This is the place for Whizzer info...I know this guy, has a NER ,he bought last year..has 7 miles on it ..the pedal broke off and its been sitting in a corner of his garage..He is now totally involved in building an old school hot rod..said he would sell me the Whizzer for $1300..good thing he lives about 80 miles away because if I saw it I probably couldn't help myself..I have actually never seen one in person..he says he really doesn't car weather he sell it or not cause he likes looking at it
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    Welcome from Lakeland, Fl. I'm glad to see all these Florida guys here. Unfortunately I'm new to this hobby too so I cant answer the question about your bike. I'm sure you will find your answer here. Good motoring!
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