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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by dakjap, Apr 13, 2012.

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    I live in a small community in ne ND and enjoy mopys. Always wanted one but never had one until a few short years ago. My daughter now calls us "mopickers" and always looking for parts and prizes to work on.

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    Welcome to the forum. When does it get warm enough to ride in ND?
  3. dakjap

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    ND mopickers

    This is an unusually warm spring.....It was the middle of March when the snow was gone and in the mid 70's :). As you note a most unusual spring here in the upper midwest. And no spring flooding of the mighty RED!

    We even had our first spring Vasity Baseball game of the year in March. That never has happened or we would be in our snowmobile suits and snow falling while we watched on a typical spring day.

    The bikes my daughter and I are using so far this year include:
    suzuki fa50
    Puch Maxi
    and a Puch Sears Sport MKII is soon to join us. We traded with a tear in my eye a 1981 indian mopy that was too big for her to easily handle.

    We live in a town of 350 with paved streets so you always see us cruising the streets checking on our mowing jobs and enjoying the summer weather.