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    I checked out a few recent posts before I wanted to comment, and want to say I am here to learn! I am going to ask questions as I look to build my own custom cruiser. I am looking for a (as I have seen named online) fantasy stretch beach cruiser Unpainted frame . I am 6'3 and want a bike to fit me. I am looking for a unpainted frame to modify before paint. All I can find is painted or crome frames. Where can I find a Unpainted Fantasy Beach Cruiser Frame?

    Please Help!

    I look forward to positive interaction!

    Mr Nalgas

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    Your a big one and a 29er is what i think you want... only problem is 29er's are new, no used 29er's to be found....(29 inch tires)
    You'll find everything you need here...good luck.
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    Hello, welcome to the forum.

    I have seen those frames, a young guy near me builds bicycles with them but they're already chromed. They have very short seat tubes like around 12" or so and the crank forward, kind of a low rider style. I'm wondering if you have fit yourself to that type frame and are comfortable on it, being tall, you might have to bend your knees a lot without having the seat moved far back.

    29ers are just renamed 700c wheels with wide rims but frame size from crank center to top tube is the measurement that makes a bike fit tall riders.