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    I picked up this Nishiki road bike at a yard sale for 60 bucks. Ive had this motor sitting in a box with about half of the original kit for a few months waiting for a donor bike to install it on. Im not sure what the motor is other then it being a Chinagirl 80cc or 66cc motor. I modified the existing drop bars to run both break levers and still have throttle and clutch controls in reach with regular levers. Once I complete the build I will upload better pictures and videos.
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    I like this project. I am working on my first build, which is a vintage miyata road bike. Did you have trouble with the drive chain clearance of the chainstay? I swapped to cruiser bars and 28mm tires.
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    I preferred the drop bars so i made sure i kept that road bike look to it. I didn't have any problems with the chain stay but the cranks were narrow even before the pull start so I had to modify the bottom frame mount to raise the motor about 3 inches, BIG Pita to work with. Funny I had a miyata road bike about a year ago but sold it because it was only a 52cm frame that was way to small for me.
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    I noticed your higher engine mount. I replaced my bottom bracket with one wide enough for the cranks to clear the engine so that I could keep the engine mounted as low as possible (lower center of gravity). I am now looking at raising the engine to improve the chainstay clearance for the chain. At the lower angle the chain will not clear the chainstay even with a tensioner.

    What kind of exhaust did you install?

    Here is the bike I started with... IMG_1528.jpg
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