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    I'm new to engine powered bikes. I have managed to build a bike using an old 'huffy' frame I got at a garage sale. I mounted a 'Sick Bike Parts' jackshaft set-up w/ a 48 cc chinese 2 stroke, using a SRAM P-5 Hub and a Sturmey-Archer 90 mm drum brake on front wheel. Topped off w/ a 'Brooks' (wide) leather seat. [54 yrs old- 6ft.2 in- & 240 lbs...I figured I needed the width of the seat]. I had a local bike shop build my rims using 13 ga. spokes on top of Alex DM-24 rims. So far, so good....except the engine won't start. I don't ssem to have enough oompf on the pedal to get it fired up and I'm beginning to wonder if something is not right. Or do I need a pull-start???
    Any & all suggestions will be much appreciated.

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    don't sweat it yet.

    If its the same type as I got then check the carburetor make sure that you pump the little button on the top and then use the choke lever(up is on down is off) then make sure your going about ten miles an hour before you let out the clutch and then keep on going for about fifty feet. I live on a little hill and it helps me out. when it fires, let it run that way for a bit and then put the choke to the off position. it should run after that.

    For me the bike will not run well until its warmed up and that takes over a mile or so. after that its up to you if you want to go with things that will make it go faster(tuned pip ect.)

    I would recommend that after you run it for a wile (less than ten minutes or so) you go back and check all of your hardware and see what has loosened up.

    good luck!

    Mike Frye the bike guy
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    Engine won't start

    Thanks for the reply, however with the bike having the jackshaft set-up the only way to get the motor to turn is to pedal. There is a freewheel set-up that prevents the motor from spinning the pedals at 5600 rpm [which is good, so I'm told{snicker}] but a byproduct of it is when the rear wheel turns the motor doesn't.
    This leaves the only way to start the engine is to pedal the bike. Or install a pull-start.
    I've had a little time to go thru the hints and tips given in different sections of this and other forums so i'm not going to panic {yet?}
    Thanks Again Mike!
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    Well I gave it a shot, I was considering that Sick Bike Parts shift kit myself. I was told that it was harder to start than the standard set up.

    I have a 65cc(80) kit with a kings adapter and a 36 tooth sprocket with a Sick Bike Parts tuned pipe. MY top speed on the flat is about 38 mph. I really would like to have a shift kit but I don't think it would work with the bike frame I currently am running.

    got that thing started yet?

    good luck anyway

    Mike Frye the bike guy
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    Welcome matt, we never recommend installing the kit before you have installed the engine normally for this very reason. You should always install the engine per the manufactures instructions and get it running and work out any bugs with the engine before installing the Shift Kit. But since you are beyond that now here is something that others have done with great success. Pull your magneto cover and attach a 14mm socket to your drill and use the drill to turn the engine over. This will save you having to pedal start until you get the engine up and running correctly. Hope that helps.