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    Hi I'm Jon, 29 YO, Maried. just recieved and set up my second motor on a bike kit got my first one from lukyearlybird on E-bay, about two months ago what a piece of ****. Casing for motor mount broke on front bike post and it was all down hill from there, lost muffler, got new one almost lost it when bolts stripped out magneto whent out and that was the last straw. My new motor is an 66cc Grubee Star-Fire GT4 Just breaking it in today but having an issue with the carb. the bike runs good at first then shuts off and gas starts leaking out of air filter, I shut the fuel off at carb (kit has two petcocks, one at tank and another at carb) and it fires up again till out of fuel in carb. hoping this forum can get me the fix to my problem:detective:

  2. jonmiller16601

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    Got it fixed the float had a hole in it and was full of gas. Replaced float with one from old motor, worked great, now just got to fix flat I had right in front of house.
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    welcome aboard.

    Yes. They can wear you out sometimes, can't they? But it's worth it.