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    G'day all.
    How are we.
    I recently got my happy time running again after a long few months of being overseas.
    For a cheap kit, these things are surprisingly hardy, just add 2 Stoke and pedal haha.
    Just writing this as a general hello and to familiarise myself to these forums.
    I'm based in Adelaide South Australia.

    Iv also had my share of failures with this bike. Stripped threads. Snapped studs. Chains giving up the ghost. You all know the usual problems.
    Today I decided to do a tyre change. 5 puncture patches a roll of elect tape and losing my lid 2 times. I gave in and got a new tube.
    Other than that, I love this thing. Cheap. Semi reliable. And more that everything else, it's so much fun.

    Hoping to say g'day to a few people on here eventually.
    But I'll leave it at that.

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    semi-reliable. ha! I like that.
    what are you seasoned at riding?
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    Welcome. I am also a seasoned rider. Of everything. I'm 56, got my first dirt bike (motorcycle) at age 8. An old dilapidated Bultaco. But my dad helped me fix it up and keep it going. I have ridden just about every type of street and dirt motorcycle there is. As a teenager I used to race MX (not BMX) I am also an accomplished cyclist, both road and mountain. But a disability put an end to that, as I am no longer able to pedal. Motorized bicycles provided a solution to still being able to ride a real bicycle, without pedaling.
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  6. Thom880

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    I've been around things with 2 wheels and motors for as long as I can remember.
    A wonderful misspent youth haha.
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    Well I'm only young at 27. But a few years ago I blew out both my knees. So I can relate to the motorised bike being a solution.
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