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    well I have gotten into motorbicycling for a while now, and my main reason for choosing to really looking into it is because there is no insurance to keep up on it....I live in Florida and the price to insure and register a car or motorcycle is quite high, Im looking in putting together a cranbook cruiser and a 49cc 4stroke from is this store any better than kings bicycles?? I dont have a lot of money to work with... Ill appreciate anyone who is willing to give me any advice

    anyways Hello Everyone!


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    Welcome, the set up you suggest would be adequate but I would try and find a cruiser bike with gears. There are two distinct advantages to gears. First you will have gears and when pedaling it is nice. Second, when you have a rear gear cluster it also means that you will typically also have both front and rear brakes. Not relying on a coaster brake is a wise decision when it comes to safety.
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    New member, no bike yet

    Excellent advice from first bike was a Cranbrook, it was ok but rather hard to pedal to start the engine and I didn't feel the coaster brake was adequate. Also the coaster brake arm presents problems in mounting your left rear sprocket, you may have to grind the hole out bigger and likely will need to bend the brake arm as well...I had to do both. The Cranbrook was a stiff hard riding bike and I was never really happy with it. My second bike was a Schwinn cruiser with front and rear brakes, I felt safer with them. It also has 7 speeds so shifting to a lower gear to get the engine started was a big plus for me. It also gives the option of adding a shift kit to use the gears already on the bike with the engine driving it. For some reason it also rode more comfortably. The Cranbrooks fenders may need reinforcing, my rear one broke the mount from engine vibration. A dropping fender can be very dangerous as some posts in here have shown. I hope this helps a little, Welcome to the forum. Woody
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    Im not so sure about going with a cruiser anymore, well at least not a wal-mart cruiser, Ill probably go with a mountain bike or hybrid, I saw what happens when that fender drops after some research....ehhh horrible images in my head. anyways still going to go with the 4 stroke HS engine....anything horrible about this engine or the site ill be ordering it from (

    Im from Milton Florida, close to Pensacola... I figured ill introduce myself a lil' more.
    Thanks for the info about the cruisers :D
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    Hi. Welcome to MBc. You might want to check out vender reviews. I recently completed my first build on a Cranbrook. I am happy with it, but plan to add a front brake in addition to the coaster. I am replacing the front forks with a springer fork and getting rid of the fenders. I did a 66cc 2 stroke motor. Yes it is fun and I like it, but for the reasons listed above, I recently purchased a Schwinn Beach cruiser (from Fenders are more beefy, and the 7 speed and fron/rear brakes are excellent. Like you for this one I plan to go 4 stroke. I will be interested in your choices. I do not plan to start this build for a while, so please share your experience. If your interested I do have pick of the first build, and of the schwinn on my page.
    Ghosto and arkives1 I welcome any further input you have also.
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    Since you are on a budget, I would mount a 2 stroke China motor on a steel cruiser (like the Cranbrook) or mountain bike. A 2 stroke motor requires some regular maintenance but it doesn't require a mechanic.
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    save your money and buy a good kit... the cheap 2 stroke kits are fun to play with but are not a very good transportation solution. A few people here make it work but you will spend a lot of time fixing things.

    Buy a good kit from golden eagle or staton with a robin/subaru eho35 engine... and put it on a good/comfortable bike. The schwin jaguar cruiser from target is a good cheap bike, if you want a good moderately priced commuter bike I recommend an Electra townie. I like the eho35 because its uber reliable and it doesn't require you to mix the gas, which means you can fill up at any gas station without having to worry about 2 stroke oil.

    Buy a good engine and put it on a good bike and it will start every time and be comfortable.... which means it will be enjoyable.
  8. Stan4d

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    I hope my earlier post was not seen as trying to sell a 2 stroke kit. VTEC gave good advise, though for personal reasons I preferr a frame mount. But that is for looks (what I like to see) and not for ease and reliability. You will find alot of good advice here, just be sure to sort out what a person likes from what is better. My statement is an example.