New member w/ Honda GX35 staton chain drive on Nuvinci hub

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  1. Hi all,

    new to the site and new to motored bikes. I was introduced by Hawaii_Ed who just so happened to move in 3 doors down from me.... weird, i thought i was the only one riggin up bikes simply for the pleasure of riding them... fast!

    I have a honda GX35 4 stroke running through a staton-inc. inside chain drive all on a Nuvinci Hub. I love this set up as its cleaner than 2 strokes, less "busy" looking, and ease of use is remarkable as compared to some of the other set-ups i researched. The only problem i have with it at this point is a problem im sure most face in our line of enthusiasm, im always wanting more.

    Current upgrade plans have been put into motion to run the dual engine staton set up (which ive seen no one else do, if so please direct me id love to check it out, get some feedback on it) It will be a dual GX35.

    Any suggestions or advice would be much appreciated.

    Btw here's a few pics.



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    Twin engines, huh?

    Interesting.....verrrry interesting.:devilish:

    Would that be twin NuVinci's?

    If using just Staton chain drive, it's a matter of finding the correct-size Staton hub, building a HD wheel for it, gearing it for that Tripler Hospital hill.

    and this:

    BTW, I've purchased a Staton front friction drive, but I've never seen him offer a front chain drive. In any case, Staton front drive system will NOT!!! bolt onto a front suspension fork easily, so you'll have to be creative in mounting the kit.

    Then of course, at the angle the front engine is at, ya might have to literally run the bike up a tree EVERY DAY to top the fuel tank off.

    Then the gas will start dribbling out of the gas cap, unless you plug the cap's vent and vent the tank at a higher location...

    Orrr plug both engines' caps and install a secondary tank that feeds both front and rear engines.

    Ask me how I know all this.:jester:

    JMO, you'd be better off installing a more powerful rear engine. Honda X50's are great, but need that special clutch adaptor. You could go for the cheaper Titan/Hua Sheng engine. It's a MUCH simpler solution than twin engines.
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    Hello and welcome to MBc. Looks like you're off to a pretty good start already and correct me if I'm wrong but for that bike I assume you're talking about the Staton twin engine set-up that bolts onto the gearbox.

    We've had discussions here about it but I don't recall anyone on site saying they had it.

    IIRC, the Staton inside drive and GX35 weighs 24 lbs., the Nuvinci 8 lbs and add about another 8 lbs for the second GX35. If you go that route of course we'll want to here about it. Good luck and good riding.
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    Happy, the OP hasn't clarified if he's considering twin rear engines or front/rear engines. It'd be 8 lbs. like you mentioned or another 24 lbs. for the second Staton inside drive and GX35 engine.:detective:
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    I'm thinking he is talking about the dual engine set-up so no, I was referring to just the weight of the second engine. Of course, probably better let the OP speak if that is the case.
  6. haha, wish i could have replied sooner to alleviate some of the speculation!

    Happy Valley: you got it, thats the kit i called david staton about 2 days ago. he mentioned that with the additional gears inside the gear box it can be quite noisy from the meshing of all of those gears but to be honest i friggin love that sound! it's something the friction drive doesnt have. i also like the look of the 2 motors and think i will fair better in the way of balance with a 35 on each side as opposed to the 50 on one side with the adapter that gives it about 2 more inches of off centered mounting.s

    Also considering that state laws are more strictly enforced on the military base which i live 50cc's is my limit, but... i can turn one off and run form 70cc's (2 motors) down to 35 when the situation dictates.

    As for gas dribbling out, i specifically chose the honda motor for its ability to operate inclineable at 360 degrees. you can literally run these motors upside down with no problems... according to the honda site.

    thanks for the insight fellas!
  7. I have a friction drive and a 2 stroke motor i started with i was considering putting it up front just for the novelty of it but the amount of work that that would require i may just stick with the 2 in the rear. perhaps i could piggy back it off of the chain drive? maybe make it a vertical friction kit on the furthest back portion of the tire?! i have way too much time....
  8. Update:
    so as i was adjusting my chain tensions this morning i found a broken spoke... =( I took the hub off and discovered i nearly stripped the torsion bars that hold the hub from rotating. During a phone call, staton said he'd never seen someone strip the 1/8 in. bars before... again =( i have little hope for a long succesful life of my nuvinci hub but then again i dont know of anyone who has done a torture test, so to speak, especially when my second motor and dual gear drive set up gets here.

    Staton brought up a pretty good point about how it will most likely tourque it out considering ill have twice the surface area of clutch with two motors.

    Luckily he said theyre in the works creating a 3 speed set-up that will be much stronger than the nuvinci and when mine dies... im on it!
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    Yep, I recently moved, only to be told by neighbors that another "weed-whacker" bike guy lived 3 doors down!

    His set up is very clean looking, and the Honda is definately reliable! The nuvinci hub is very nice too! :bowdown:

    We had to go for a little ride, and my little happy time did pull him pretty hard up the hill. :devilish: I mentioned he may be a bit slow for riding with me and 5-7 :whistling:, and also warned of spoke breakage (they looked very thin somehow!)

    It is amazing how there are some many different approaches to getting the job done on these bikes. They are always an evolution, and you have a great start. I have yet to read about anyone running the dual engine box, will love to see it in action!


  10. update:

    Upgraded my tires today finally got a flat and found about 6 or 7 slivers of metal in the tire. tread was wearing thin anyhow. cleaned up all of the loose wires. Since i had to sacrifice my rear disc brake mount for the support arms braket i had to order a U brace for a v brake set up on the rear. also added a few links to my pedal chain and found i can much better assist the engine in times of additional needed power.

    having to dig a little deep into the pockets for this project but ive come this far and have no plans of giving up.
  11. Btw hawaii_ed thanks for the kind words.
  12. Hawaii_Ed

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    yup, whatever you ride, there are always bugs to work out! Look forward to seeing your revamp!
  13. latest update: got a little work done with a custom machined torsion bar to keep the hub axle from spinning. the guys did a superb job and look forward to further experience with them. thanks again ed.
  14. Hawaii_Ed

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    I think you mean the GP460? 5-7 Heaven ran one for a bit on his friction drive, but tore the heck outta the tire! Should be perfect on your setup. WILD little moto!
  15. 5-7HEAVEN

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    GP460 With NuVinci?

    I loaned Rick my 460 engine. It had a seized piston, so he rebuilt it and installed it onto his bike today.

    It's a freaking screamer!

    Yesterday Rick joined my family for a picnic at Ala Moana Park. He rode in on his Honda-powered bike. When he left, all we could hear was the Staton gearbox.

    Rick dropped in today, with his newly-installed 460-powered monster. When he drove off, all we could hear was ENGINE, no gearbox.:jester:

    When he rebuilt the engine, he also reversed the piston and cylinder. Now the muffler is to the rear of the engine!:idea:
  16. Hawaii_Ed

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    In Hawaii, we like our bikes fast to dodge traffic :) Rick was a little slow with his Honda, so he started looking at options. He was interested in the GP460, and 5-7 Heaven had one that needed some work, so he was nice enought o let Rick try it out.

    Swapping the cylinder around was a great idea! Will help out 5-7 on his future builds. The fresh 460 fires on like 1/2 a pull, and really moves with the Nuvinci! What a setup! 5-7 had problems with the narrow power band, the Nuvinci lets it stay dialed in a make power all the way...this looks to be the baddest motorized bike I have ever seen!

    great job Rick, a big shaka to you!

  17. whew! just got back from my first ride and i must say this is exactly what i was looking for in a motored bike, the ride at least. I took it about 20 miles and got about 5 shaka's and 1 iphone videographer.

    WOT its does 45 on the dot but i may be able to squeeze a few more mph's out of an expansion exhaust some higher octance fuel and a taller drive gear. All in all the ride is perfect for hawaii roads. It is awfully loud on acceleration but idle's pretty quietly. Acceleration was considerably faster than the cars leisurely pulling forward from a red light. im afraid the torsion bars wont hold up against this power, they seemed to have given way a bit near the end of the ride. im going to do a complete tear down tomorrow and see if anything else wont last... fingers crossed.

    I noticed on a video of some gopeds with the 460 there motor was reverse of the one i was currently holding and after a few minutes of some thoughtful deliberation, and a fruitless search on the internet, it dawned on me it doesnt matter which way a 2 stroke runs. the only movement on the motoer is up and down, round and round. there's no intake or exhaust valves and as long as the cylinder is getting fuel and the piston is making compression that all that reall matters.

    Big thanks to Hawaii_ed and 5-7 heaven for all of the insightful help and direction!!!
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    Congrats, Your Living Large Now!. Nice looking build. Ron
  19. update: so after a little tinkering i got the expansion pipe on and the filter and cover on. It looks absolutley marvelous but i did run into a moderate issue...

    the staton gears didnt hold up. im pretty sure i cleaned all of the teeth right off one of the gears. im going to strip it down tonight and find out for sure.

    As for the ride i noticed a marked increase of power in the 10k-12k rpm range and a quieter, nominally, but more aggressive sound. the gp460 is a beast but i think it's a bit much for statons' "lifetime" warranty. the gear box had a little less than 800 miles on it. im going to call him after i take a look at it and get a replacement gear and ill be sure to post some pics.