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  1. Chill

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    Hey people I just joined the site and want to say "hi" I was going to buy a Motorized bike, kinda like the spooky cycles bare bone bike for $500, I decided to do my own build though, tgonna buy a bike from walmart, somethin with regular brakes and a few gears, get the motor on ebay and mount it up! was lookin at the "NEXT Avalon Comfort Bike" for $118

    and mountin a Star-fire 66cc motor from ebay for $129 link:

    So ill have somethin fun for 250 right !
    prob have to make a larger motor mount for the frame. I am really into dirtbikes and have built a few of thoes, this will be my first bike though.
    Mainly for bike rides with the fam. What ya think? haha :grin5:

  2. bluegoatwoods

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    I've considered the Avalon because it is a bike with a rear suspension that still has room for an engine.

    But isn't that an aluminum frame? I think I've heard that that doesn't stand up too well to the vibration that a motor assisted bicycle gets. If true, that might make that bike the wrong choice.

    Hopefully someone will come along who knows for sure.
  3. MotorBicycleRacing

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    A Chinese 2 stroke (Grubee) will NOT fit in that frame
    Look at the way the front down tube curves in and is
    fairly large in diameter.

    There is no room for the carb and air cleaner in the top
    corner of the frame
    Several people have tried and you would have to hang the carb
    out sideways at 90 degrees on a custom manifold

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  4. bamabikeguy

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    I've built on that Avalon frame maybe 6-7 times, and the brakes have always seemed "super cheepy". Same thing with the gear shifter on the handle.

    The 7 speed Schwinn's at WallyWorld and Target at least have the better grade of brakes, Shimano system is a step or two above, have 2.25 tires, for maybe $30 more.

    Shock absorber seat post and wide saddle will compensate for the shocks on back !

    What's the Craigslist "bike" section look like in your area? Maybe we all can spot one under $100.....

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  5. Chill

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    wow thanks for the heads up! haha. It looks like theres more room in the picture. Yeah thanks ill deff choose a differant bike now.