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    Just following the rules and introducing myself. My name is Steven Hellwig, I live in Pittsburg, KS. I do not currently have a motored bike but have always been into biking and working on my stuff. There are quite a few motored bikes in my town and even a fellow nearby that seems to collect/tinker with many different bike frames. My current preferred bike is a WCC Jesse James bike with several little things changed. I would like to eventually fit it with a decent motor (an 80CC:whistling:) and a jack shaft with 3 or 5 gears on the rear. Before I can start motoring it I need to get it fitting me a little better. Have some "bmx" bars that I want to raise 6" and there is a nice straight tube in the bottom where I can do a 9" stretch on the frame. Then I can quit being a 6'1" guy hunched over on a kids bike and look a little more serious.

    Joined because of the serious fabrication I have seen here. And when I get to the motored part all that info is already here. Just called a local welder and found out they WILL do a bike frame. Even better, they would prefer I be there and guide them along. Now if I can just get the money to cover the hourly rate I'm set. I was afraid they would tell me to take off when I said "bike frame". See you guys around.

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    Welcome to MBc, Steven. It sounds like you have all of your ducks in a row. Keep in close touch with that local welder!!! You sound like you are planning this out quite well. Be sure to send us photos as you progress...K? We are all curious...and Merry Christmas.