New member with a new bike, posting a new thread about a new project!

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by BassFace, Sep 21, 2010.

  1. BassFace

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    Well, now that I've introduced myself I think its time I got right down to business. So... thanks to stan4d's referal to a specific thread which lead to another thread which lead to another thread.. (and so on) I have learned a couple of new things.

    First things first though, I know what you guys want to see... so here's the bike porn:

    Now that I've gotten you guys all fired up we can begin with the overall plan for this bike; I'm going to pick up a bike-engine-kit from a local shop for 200$. Note that the seller is either claiming you can reach 60kmph with the provided 80cc engine.... well, either that or he just put "60kmph" there cause he felt like it...:confused::goofy:

    With all that said, I won't be using the provided gas tank as I plan to use the headtube as the gas tank like many have successfully done.

    My question to fellow successful (and unsuccessful:whistling:)FELT-motorizers... What problems do you forecast?
    Let me know!

  2. Jeco

    Jeco Member

    Very nice bike you have there! It' gonna be great with engine I am sure!
  3. biknut

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    I like the idea of using the top tube as a gas tank, but wonder how you're going to seal it, especially at the front?
  4. Stan4d

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