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Hello everyone,

I'm new to motorized bike building but i've spent quite a bit of time reading threads on this forum. I've decided on ordering a bike from live fast motors (see picture) and i'm planning on outfitting it with a 70cc motor from dax.

I have a couple questions that i'd like input on before starting this build.
1)Is live fast motors generally a reputable seller?
2)Should i order the motor from live fast and the engine from dax? Or should i order the bike and the motor as a kit from LFM?
3)Is the live fast motor the same as the one's Dax sells?
4)How much fab work would be involved in this build?

Thanks in advance for the help! This seems like a great community.


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Nov 4, 2006
hello Atriot,

I moved your 1st post into this "Introduce yourself" forum. (n/c :LOL:)

Glad to hear you've been reading threads here. I have a suggestion for another "Good Read". Read the forum FAQ
"Learn to use the Search feature. A wealth of info is already available. Not only for which engine, but tech/mech issues and help topics. A large portion of questions we've seen posted as new in the last month have already been addressed." (thanks for the quote, Happy)

In summary....use Search.....keep reading...Post your Questions in existing, relevant threads. This makes it easier, for the next user.

Welcome to MBc.


Hi Atriot, I also ordered my kit from LivefastMotors. My general experience thus far has been pretty decent.

Though there was a few things: My kit came without a necessary spring in the clutch assembly, which I didn't find out until my first attempt to run grinded up my pads and clutch plate. He also didn't send the 2nd sprocket and chain as listed as "included" on his website. But after a phone call and email, I got the necessary parts from the Grubee parts guy (Dennis Foster) and Chad at Livefast compensated the costs by sending me a new muffler, as well as the sprocket of my chosing. Unfortunately, when I had asked him for a 40t sprocket, he sent me another 44t (The only one I already have!). So after yet another email, he is sending me the 40t and letting me keep the other as a free-bee. Glitches aside, Chad at Livefast is a really nice dude, and handles his business honestly. He has been understanding in his mistakes and more than willing to compensate. Definitely not the type of dude who will screw you over-- you can buy from him in cofidence, as I will be again.

If I were you, I would get the motor kit from livefast and find your own unique bike to mount it on. That's part of the fun of it! Check Police auctions and, there's tons of inexpensive cruisers out there waiting for a new home (with a motor!). Just be sure the frame will fit the dimensions of the motor.


Hey Poodlebombs, thanks for the detailed reply. I'm actually pretty set on that particular "beach cruiser" style of bike. The toronto craigslist vintage bike market is really tight and has been for awhile :cry: So it seems like my best option. When you set up your bike did you use solid mounts or fab up a rubber/urethane bushing for the motor to sit on? I'm leaning towards a rubber bushing solution to lessen the vibrations. I may also machine the cyclinder head by .010 to raise the compression, but i'll need to see the block first.


don't get started on techie talk in here, guys, it'll only get lost to the group.

go browse the forum captions and topic subjects to find the right place to talk the gearhead stuff.

as MBc members, you're responsible for doing your part around here...let's keep all the content organized for the next guy, too.

welcome to MBc :cool: