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    Hello,Iam from Southern California and my name is Jay.I really love Whizzers and enjoy ridding them.I was introduced to Whizzer motorbikes in the late 1950's and my first bike had a "H" series engine.After a couple of years, I upgraded to a 300 series engine on a Columbia frame. The engine was very modified with the German needle crank,ported cylinder barrel,Indian valves,racing cam and springs,special cut and lightened flywheel, and was finished with a Amal carb.This bike was alot to handle and was clocked at 65 mph. My parents made me sell it,cause they thought I was going to kill myself.In the present,I have a custom 1999 Whizzer with the NE-5 upgrade,high lift cam and mushroom lifters.The cylinder barrel was ported and the cooling fins were reworked to look like an early Whizzer.Special seat,exhaust,chrome fender,short pedal crank,and a reversed early spring fork completes the bike.Thanks for this great forum that I really enjoy. Jay

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  2. MotorBicycleRacing

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    Fantastic looking Whizzer. I love the exhaust.

    Would be great to see you at an Orange County ride
    one of these days. Usually have a few Whizzers show up.

    Does your bike have a front brake?
  3. PerformanceWhizzer1

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    It has no front brake,just the rear Shimano coaster brake.Maybe a disk in the future.
  4. MotorBicycleRacing

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    That's nuts, you have a 50+ mph bike with no front brake and
    a crappy coaster brake. What happens if your pedal chain derails
    or breaks?
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    You stop very quickly, on your plonk............ ;-)
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    Welcome to MBc from a fellow Whizzer owner/rider. I'd get a front brake on that bike as soon as possible. Do you still have the original front wheel from the WC-1? If so, you could get that drum brake laced into your chrome rim and use it. The problem with anchoring the arm of a drum brake on a springer like that is easily solved by using a split ring pipe hanger and bolt (see attached photo). This is how I have anchored the front drum arm on one of my bikes with the Schwinn-style springer.

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    Front brake fix

    Thanks KilroyCD for the info on the front drum brake install.Unfortunately,I had a bad experience wth a front drum brake in my early riding days.For some reason,I had one lock up on me while applying the brake,it broke the lever bracket,pulled the cable off the handle bar,which wrapped around the drum.You guessed right,I went right over the top of the handle bars!Fortunately,I was riding in a parking lot,at a low speed.After that,I just don't trust them,especially the newer ones that make strange noises.This is why I'am looking into a disc setup with welded mounts.By the way,the Shimano rear coaster works great,alot better than the Whizzer coaster types. Thanks