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    I am writing to introduce myself. I am an avid cyclist in the Denver, CO metro area, so I have a good supply of spare bike parts.

    I have commuted to work via bicycle, however my work is 30 miles from home and doesn't have shower facilities. Showing up all sweaty with no way to get cleaned up isn't the greatest at the office.

    I have been on the site frequently doing research on how to motorize a bike. I am about to get serious on a build and I wanted to get registered first.

    I would welcome any input regarding the best engines and drivetrain configurations. I have read some of the 'noobie' posts.


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    Welcome aboard, now you don't know how much it harts me to this, for a commuter a rack mount is the way to go. louis
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    Welcome to the forum.

    It all depends on the budget, performance and type of engine you want.

    Given that you are riding a fairly long distance and therefore need fairly good performance a good quality frame mount chengine kit such as those sold by Dax and others fitted up with a jackshaft to a deraillier/hub would be a good fit for what you are looking for (effectively a MB using the bikes ratios as a gearbox). This would be the medium/low budget option

    A GEBE Belt drive Tanaka 2-stroke 40cc with the fast road gear would also work as would a Staton chain transmission kit, although you would probably have to get something along the lines of a GP460 engine or a Tanaka 40cc to give you fair performance with that option. These are both high budget options but have the advantage that virtually any engine with either a 52mm or 78mm clutch will fit both the GEBE and Staton mounts - so they can be upengined should the requirement arise. As an example - the GEBE kit with the GP460 engine fitted has been clocked by GPS at 52mph.

    Considering the distance you are travelling you will with the GEBE kit need a different fuel tank - dax does a 1/2 gallon one as do others to provide you with adequate range. Given that the 32cc GEBE I have does around 25/27 to the litre of fuel you would be looking at 60/65 miles range to a tank. This is assuming running wide open at all times.

    Any two stroke can, with a little work be fitted up with a tuned pipe which will provide better performance. However they have to be matched to the cc's of the engine and will mostly require some work and fabbing to make fit to the small frame-mounts and especially the commercial engines.

    There are 4-stroke kits available which will just take petrol alone, but these are limited in power output compared to the two strokes.

    Hope that helped

    Jemma xx