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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by normini, Sep 12, 2008.

  1. normini

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    Hello from Indiana. Installing engine on Huffy bicycle. I'll check to see if some information applies to my problem.

  2. terrence

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    Welcome normini. If you cant figure it out check back in for help.
  3. fetor56

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    G'day & welcome to MBc.
    Only a suggestion man but do u have a better brand than a Huffy to motorize....the idea is to keep potential problems down to a minimum,right from the get-go.
  4. bluegoatwoods

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    Welcome. You only need to worry about "cheap" bikes if you ride them hard.

    I have a motorized Huffy and a motorized Columbia ten-speed (modified into more like a mountain bike) from the early to mid 70s. (Not their finest period) They've both ridden many, many miles with no more issues than they would have had with no motor.

    (Though I'll admit that the Huffy is down right now. But it's because my wife beat the **** out of it. Also, I could have had it up and running again by now. It just hasn't been a huge priority.)

    I suppose I shouldn't encourage you to not keep overall strength of the bike in mind. Just don't let it worry you too much.

    Is your Huffy one of those 26", coaster brake type cruisers? You'll have a fine looking machine.
  5. normini

    normini New Member

    Thanks for the reply guy's. The bicycle is fine. I'm far enough along with the assembly process to relize I'm in big trouble with the clutch. I can't pull in the clutch. Always stays in gear. I've checked to see if the short rod and ball was in place, witch it was. I've pulled the cover on brake pad side and adjusted star nut ccw or cw but still didn't disengage clutch. 76 years old with this nasty clutch issue. Any help appreciated.
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  6. terrence

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  7. normini

    normini New Member

    Thanks terrence.checked that information out. I have pulled out the plug, and have my chain connected to rear wheel which is jacked up and that I've turned by hand several times with no luck freeing the clutch. Tomorrow I'll take ride down the alley. maybe it's the ride that does it.
    thanks again for the info. If that don't work, can that clutch be taken out? (check for anything broken etc.)
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  8. normini

    normini New Member

    Pedalled the bike with plug out for a few minutes turning motor over. To my surprise the clutch started to pull in and disengaged.Thanks again for the info Terrence. Time to work through the throttle problems. This forum sure has been a lot help.
  9. terrence

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    Your welcome, but I only supplied the thread. Looks like that was graucho's orig Idea.
    Kudos to him. terrence
    P.S. normini, If you can't find your answers in searching posts/threads, start a new thread with your throttle
    question in the 2-Stroke Engines secton and you should get some help.
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