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    Hello from a little town on Oregon named Boring (No kidding) :lol:

    I have been looking around the forum for some time just reading, But I thought I might as well get my feet wet and introduce myself. I have built two bikes over the years the first one used a Ryobi Motor(off of a scrap weed eater) with a friction drive to the rear wheel on a 26" mountain bike. I used a urethane skate board wheel that I turned down to about 1" on my lathe for the motor drive. It worked but was to hard on the tires and slipped when wet. Actually it was far more trouble than fun and I sold it on Ebay. Several weeks ago I was in Beijing for the Olympics (Work) :-/ and I saw so many neat home built motorized bicycles that I got the bug again. So I built another one, I did not like the idea of driving the rear wheel off the spokes so I machined a hub adapter and recut the center hole of the sprocket on my late. I put a limit of 200 dollar limit on the whole project and I am currently at 190 dollars spent, I got the Bike for free just need two new tires (7.99 each at Bimart end of season sale) and some adjustments, the motor kit was $160.00 and I got the Bike computer ( Digital speedo ) for 8 bucks at the same sale) the rest was for the the metal and other supplies used for the hub adapter.

    Kind of a long winded intro. Hope I did not Bore you !!!:grin:


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    nice looking MB -------- looks just right here for a morning ride.

    I lived in THE BIG CITY when I was younger,
    been enjoying the country life for over 20 years now,
    it's not boring up here on the mountaintop
    motor bike - wife - goats - big rocks -- LIFE IS A BLESSING

    I like that name for a town --
    may keep some away
    stay small --- enjoy Boring...

    Ride That Thing - Mountainman

    Happy Riding from - Mountainman
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    Welcome sissonscott. Glad you are here. Great looking build. Looks like a head turner.:grin: