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    Been working with forums for awhile, Pantera, Model T, Antique Aircraft, Firearms, Photography, and now motorized bicycles. Each forum is a little different. My apologies for side stepping this most important introduction, and attempting to make contact with one of your members for a component I most desperately need for a construction project. My name is Byron Hight, and I reside in San Jose Ca. I've been involved in building/maintaining/restoring light motorcycles/scooters for the last 50 years, including Indian's, Simplex, Cushman, Mustang, Matchless & AJS. I do almost all my own work, but never learned to lace or adjust a bicycle wheel. Building up an unusual machine is as much fun as riding it. I have a Mustang Mod 2 under restoration, with a Cushman 740 (alligator) being modified with a 20hp Honda V twin as time allows. Right now, my latest project is building up a motorized Stingray Chopper, using one of these Chinese 80cc ?? bike engines with a jack shaft. I'm interested in using one of the new Nu Vinci hubs. Been following a thread on this forum about the hub, and was trying to contact this Andrew fellow, when I found out that introductions were in order first. No problem. I'm also deeply involved in building Hot Rods & Model "T" Speedster's, and have several under construction now. I fly, and have maintained Antique Aircraft over the years, with my latest being a 1934 Waco YKC cabin bi-plane. Here, once again, I enjoy doing all my own work. I have a fairly complete machine shop with most equipment necessary for the usual construction. I do most of my painting, although I don't have room for a paint booth. I don't know what else to tell, except to get ahold of this Andrew fellow to aquire a Nu Vinci hub for my latest project....Byron

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    Welcome to the site. Hope your project goes well.
    Some where on here is a link to bicycle maintance and repair. Should be able to find lacing and truing there. Good luck.
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    Welcome! You should check out Pipelyne Manufacturing, they are in San Jose also, they make a nice frame for a 50cc Morini motor as well as a tuned pipe. Do a search on Pipelyne, you'll find some interesting stuff
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    Trying for a picture

    Hi Chris:
    Here's trying to get a photo of my '34 Waco.

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    welcome to the forum. Also just to let you know a couple of guys here on this website are from san jose, and we are trying to set up a ride. A san jose motor-bike party if you will. check our discussion here:
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    San Jose Ride

    Hi Slump:
    I had given up on any activity here in San Jose. Glad to hear somebody is alive and kicking. It's been so long since I've been on the forum, I had to reset my password. It's been months since I've fired up my chopper. I've given up on trying to get a smooth idle out of this gasoline dripper called a carburetor. Once it gets warmed up I can live with it. Haven't spent any time on researching a decent carb. With that being said you can count me in for a San Jose Ride, although I've only got maybe a 1/2 tank rinning time on this chopper being a new build. I'll have to forgo any racing activity, at my age I don't bounce anymore, I just 'SPLAT'.....Byron
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    I got an extra stock carb that has never been used if you need it let me know. I will sell it for like $10 brand new, maybe that can fix your problems for now.
    But if the existing one is good enough to ride lets do it. Its summertime and I think people are itching to ride. If you talk to any other local riders let them know too. I think we want to set something up in the next week or so.