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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by jezza, Feb 8, 2009.

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    hi my name is jezza. I have a bike with a motor on it. Im from Adelaide Australia. my bike is black, it goes good. it has 9 gears, disc brakes, front suspension, dual pull brake lever, skimmed head, modified exhaust, modified inlet manifold, the fastest i have seen on it down a slight incline is 72.2 km/h. This speed was attained on private property wearing full safety gear. me and the boys ride them from pub to pub on a lovely summers day and drink coopers pale.
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    Welcome to MBc, Jezza!

    What type engine have you installed? A few images of yer ride wouldn't go astray.
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    yeah its a z box 48cc with a sickbike parts jackshaft kit. a few teething problems with the chain falling off the inside chainring and then getting chewed up by the chainring mounting bolts. an alloy disc to prevent any more chain suck seems to have sorted it out. will put some pics up when i work out how to.... im very new to this cyberspace, www dot thing.
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    When you see the 'Post a quick reply' panel, click on 'Go advanced' and below the text panel you'll noticed an 'Additional Options' panel.

    In the 'Attach Files' sub-panel click on 'Manage Attachments' nav button for all the info on image files including sizes.

    Need more help, just send me a Private Message. Cheers.