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    Hello Everyone,

    I am new to the Motobiking World. I purchased a Schwinn Del Mar single speed beach cruiser Saturday before last. My 66cc Skyhawk GT-5 arrived Friday. I spent Friday night and some of yesterday with the install. I have been unable to give her a spin yet because it came with these spark plugs: LD Z8C and they WILL NOT fit into the ignition wire. No one local was of any help (Auto Zone, Lowe's, etc...) I NEED HELP!
    I'm ready to enjoy this bike and yet it just sits. Can anyone recommend a US plug replacement that will fit the smaller CDI or a quick solution without having to call the company to send the right stuff, taking up to another week? THANKS SO MUCH!!!!

    Bobby J

    Virginia Beach, VA

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    hard to understand your problem, but it sounds like you need to unscrew the nipple from the top of the spark plug so that it will fit into the Cap
    only the threaded shaft on the top of the spark plug will fit into the standard kit cap
    if you push a spark plug with the nipple on into the stock plug cap you will break it

    CDI is the black box and the ignition wire with the cap unscrews from it
    you can replace it with a higher quality molded wire and cap off a car
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    Sorry I didn't write sooner to say THANKS but I've been doing laps around the block!! THIS IS AWESOME!!!! I had two chicks on a bike that wanted to trade and a few 'thumbs up.' Just need to adjust the clutch, figure out why my throttle is rotating on the handlebar suddenly and check the kill switch wiring again (not working).