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  1. dmfelicia

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    I am a new member and am working on two motorized bikes now. I am having trouble getting started actually. I am motorizing a 24" and 26" Huffy Cranbrook cruisers. I am having a hard time getting the coaster break arm off in order to mount the sprocket and am hoping to get some help here.

  2. Welcome. You may need a bigger hammer. :)
  3. tom80

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    look up or type in ( overhauling a coaster brake bike ) your choice. if you need more help let me know. Most coaster brakes are the same but life is not so please let me know if this does not help.Tom80 if you have time let me know what you think about my mb pics under my profile.
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    As Hank Williams Jr said, "If it will, it will. If it won't, it won't."
    To translate, it will come off when it's ready.
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    Thanks for support!!!

    Thank you for your support all!!! I have taken a bit of a break but I am back to it now. After looking over the problem I analyzed what I need to do. I have a stuck lock nut on the coaster break side (just crappy luck) it is so stuck if I only loosen the outer nut (that holds the wheel on) on the coaster brake side and then try to turn the lock nut the entire axle turns!! So here is my plan:

    I am going to get a Park Tool Axle vice (AV-1 or similar), I will use this to hold the axle still while I take off the nut. To take off the nut I will use impact force (hammer+wrench) to loosen it and probably spray some sort of solvent (WD-40) to coax it more. How does this sound?

    Unfortunately I didn't know the mechanics of a coaster brake and hack-sawed the brake arm off! LOL! The cog plate fits but the brakes don't work. Pretty poor compromise. Does any one know where I can get a spare break arm? The manufacturer is Falcon, the bike is a Huffy Cranbrook and the hole is long and ovular.

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  6. Stan4d

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    From one newbie to another...Welcome. Lots of info at this site and it has proven invaluable. On your problem: Since you have already gone that far, I would suggest getting rid of the coaster brake all together. Go with hand brakes on front and back. I am looking into doing that mod to my cranbrook now. If I find suitable brakes I will let you know.
    If you read more on this site you will find good advice on brakes and other saftey Items. Be careful with fenders and always wear a hemet.....even in your driveway.
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    lol thanks. Yeah I love this site. Everyone is really helpful and informed. I really feel like I am part of a cool community. I can't wait to get this bike up and running I will post pics. Is your bike complete? Do you have any pictures?

    As for the braking issue, I may just look into that. I saw a post on how to convert coaster brake hubs to normal ones.
  8. dmfelicia

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    Wow. Those bikes are sick. So clean!! The BMX must haul! What kind of kits are those? Also I am not seeing a second chain, how does the engine connect to the back wheels?
  9. Stan4d

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    Where was the post? Havent seen that one. Check the picks on my profile.
  10. tom80

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    The bike's are direct friction drive and have a 60 mile range. I made the mounting bracket and am working on a more universal engine mount for the BMX. The mount will be more adjustable with engine and gas tank roll cage. I plan on jumping this bike and don't want to worry about crashing. The spindle I use grabs tire great rain or shine. BMX bike tops out at 30 mph and is great for jumping curbs and street Islands. I am also a Mbc Newbie and find this site very helpful. I know your builds will workout and hope to see pics soon.