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    Hey everyone , My name is Eric and I have a few projects in the work one is yamaha rd250 2 cylinder twin 2 stroke lowrider bike. and one is a taco minibike with a 400kh triple cylinder two stroke motor. Have a father that loves modifing Whizzers. Has one right now that will do an easy 60+ with no transmission. Trying to have him install one and build a belt driven super charger or turbocharge it.

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    Welcome to the forum. Great to here from another RD enthusiast.
    I have an RD 400C,( 1976.) My best buddy used to have a Kaw. h-2 750 triple. Our neighbors didn't appreciate the bikes like we did. HA HA
    It's been sitting a long time but it's always been a screamer.
    Hope the bicycle build works out for you, they're a lot of bang for the buck in the fun department.
    I love minibikes too. I was going to build one but found motorized bikes to be
    legal to ride on the street, the minibikes just get you in trouble around here.
    Anyway posts some pictures of your bikes. I 'd love to check them out.
    Here's mine I just dug up out of the moth balls.

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