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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by gdfalls, Feb 12, 2011.

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    Been into Motorized bikes for awhile. Have always used this forum for ideas and information. I have a Swhinn beach cruiser with a Staton friction drive and GXH50 Honda. I also have a Micargi Rover GT with Daemon 2 stroke friction drive. I now need to sell these two bikes and thought someone on here might be interested. I'm in Taylorsville NC and my email is

  2. professor

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    Kevin, welcome to Motoredbikes. You should post your bikes with pics over in the for sale part of the website.
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    Thanks Professor
    I posted them in the for sale with pics.
    Thanks for all the useful info I got from just lurking around and reading everyone's post.
    The bikes are being sold because I have a bad back. I found a great deal on a used scooter that seems to be easier on the back.
    So I thought I woulld pass on a good deal on these bikes that just sit and glare at the scooter that has took their place. haha