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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by john sweet, Mar 10, 2011.

  1. john sweet

    john sweet New Member

    Hi my name is jack.Iam a new member,and i ride a occ chopper with 2 stroke motor.Please forgive me if i mess this up. thanks

  2. professor

    professor Active Member

    Hi Jack, welcome to Motoredbikes!
  3. john sweet

    john sweet New Member

    Thanks,I am 71 and not to familiarl with all this but hope to learn more and get acquanted with some of you folks. jack
  4. jaguar

    jaguar Well-Known Member

    You're never too old to have fun!
  5. tech2353

    tech2353 New Member

    Hello Jack, More Power to You, 71, hope I can still ride by then however me and Arthur Ridis have been having some troublesome conversations lately. lol
  6. Dave C

    Dave C Member

    Talk to your doctor about Tramadol. I've been on it for 3 years, a low dose, and it's still as effective as when I started on it. I don't care that they list it with opiates it's not the same. Doesn't leave me drowsey like Percodan, Vicodin, or any of the opiate derived painkillers. It belongs on the shelf and most likely will be in the future. It's in the same catagory as aspirin, an analgisic.

    If anything is addictive about it it's the not feeling pain that's addicting:grin5:

    Oh, Hi, Jack. Sorry to derail your thread :) I spend a lot of time going back through old threads. Discover a lot of information that way.If searching a question doesn't provide the answers post a new thread. We'll do the best we can at giving the right answers:cool:
  7. tech2353

    tech2353 New Member

    Thanks for the tip, I will definitely check into it..
  8. jaguar

    jaguar Well-Known Member

    Arthritis is easy to cure the alternative way, w/o meds. But people are stubborn and don't want to change their eating habits. I had arthritis so bad I couldn't walk more than 1 block so I know what I'm talking about. Been cured of it now for around 30 years.
  9. Stan4d

    Stan4d New Member

    When my great grandmother was in her 70's she started seeing a chiropractor (back then a very shady field). He told her to eat a cup of fresh cherries every day for her arthritis. We though she had been sold a bill of goods.......but never once since she saw that doctor did she complain of arthritis. She passed away at at least 20 years of doing it.
  10. tech2353

    tech2353 New Member

    Thats very interesting, I guess the old saying "we are what we eat" does have some meaning to it. I drink blueberry juice, it suppose to have a lot of antitoxins. Don't know if it is doing me any good but I like it. Thanks...
  11. wheelbender6

    wheelbender6 Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the forum. We look forward to seeing a pic of your chopper.