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    Hello all,

    I'm new to the forums, looks like im at the right place.

    I have some questions...

    I am going to use a "Next" mountain bike. I do not want friction driven. I am willing to do either belt or chain, whichever is easier, i still would like to keep the bike for pedal use incase the engine fails. The sprocket/w.e is going to turn the bike wheel will be on the left hand side. I am using a 6.5hp engine from harbor freight($63). It was worth the buy, i am going to use a rack to mount the engine to. My questions is belt or chain?, and, can you point me to the appropriate direction, I also need a clutch a cheap decent clutch. Please don't point me to a $200 kit :)

    Thanks for the help..!

    The bike looks like this :

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    double post-sry.
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    Welcome to MBc bulls!