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    Hi everybody...
    My name is Gabriel and I am from Basel (Switzerland). After I have read an article about Derringer Cycles I said to myself, I can build this on my own. So looking for the parts needed to build such a bike I found your site. I like this site very much and its really interesting to see how other people have built such beautiful motored bikes. It seems that motored bikes quite have a community in the USA. Here in Switzerland you just can see some Velosolex, but nothing like a derringer style bike.
    Since I live in the center of Basle I dont need a car. I have an E-Bike to go to the University every day. E-Bikes are not so common in Switzerland and people are always starring at my bike...
    I love to build things and I cant wait starting to build my own motored bike.
    I found a nice old motor which I maybe could use (Mosquito 38-B Garelli from 1958).. but maybe I go with an china girl motor.
    Unfortunately dont sell the General 5 Star moped tank, since they sold all their tanks to derringer. So I am looking for this tank. Maybe anyone has any idea where I can get one, or even have one to sell?

    Greetings from Switzerland and sorry for my English :)

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    If you are building your very first MB, it may not be your last!
    I like the class of Deringer to, and maybe one day I buy one just to be able say, "I got one to".
    But back to the real world, perhaps consider a "china girl" engine kit.
    If cannot perchase close from where you are, our "local" exporter/importers with real contact numbers and physical address is on this forum.
    The 2 I have had expirience with is and Each have good points and good service, most importantly, spare parts.

    All the best on your new MB adventures.