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    :rambo: spark plug ? 80cc motor. went to checkers auto for a spark plud. they did a cross ref. nomy plug # z4c the plug it came with and they came up with ngk b-4L part number 3112 looks the same but the washer is a little thicker put i have not put it in yet. to crush the washer. yes i see the other plugs on there like ngk bp6hs 5 and 7 hoter and cold .but has any one try this plug ngk b-4l like i said checkers did a cross ref. number of the chisse plug z4c let me now. i do have bp8hs in it right now runs like a champ but it is to cold of plug. but i live in AZ. it mite be good win it reaches the 100+ out her. run lot faster and smoother.