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    Hey guys, I am a new member. I built my first motorized bike about 3 years ago, but sold it after a short while. I recently picked up a kit online and built a second one on my mountain bike. It's been great but I have an issue with popping sounds.

    When I first installed it and rode it, it sounded fine, but there was a slight whining noise. After about 50 miles, the whining noise somehow went away, but the engine or exhaust started making lots of "popping noises." The noise is defiantly new, as all my friends said it did not sound like that before. It sounded like many many pops, and got worse as I drove faster. I read that it could be due to the exhaust gasket or head gasket. I ride it in a bike town so I'd like it to be as quiet as possible. It is a lot louder with the popping sounds...

    My second question is the best way to quiet the engine down. I am ok with the power it makes (66/80cc) and do not need to add any performance parts as of now. I want to know what the best way to muffle down the engine is. I read that you could buy some stickers or whatever to stick on the motor, but does it really work that well?

    Please give your inputs.

    Thank you, Happy Holidays.

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    Welcome aboard.

    Yes, it sounds as though your 'popping' in from a leak in the exhaust or head gasket. These things can be had pretty cheap from the vendors on this page. For that matter, I'm running on a home-made head gasket right now. It's a dog-eared thing, made out of cheap sheet metal that I cut with a snips that was far too large, but it works.

    And some of the vendors here offer silencing, or 'quieting' inserts for the clutch and magneto covers. One of them, Sick Bike Parts, is a known 'good guy' who's quite innovative. I have less experience with other vendors. But I think they're good guys, too.

    But after you've fixed the popping sounds, if you then keep it down to about 10 mph or so you should find that your bike is no louder than, say, a cheap 50 cc scooter.

    Best of luck.

    SANDSA Member

    Welcome Shiba,
    I'm new here as well.I have the same kinda plans as you,nice and quiet.
    I've been shopping around for some of that fiberglass insulating exhaust header tape,some use it for auto exhaust,some use it for motorcycle pipes.
    It's suppose to work great containing heat and creating a real solid pipe that will make more horse power.I'm thinking of using it so I do not fry the inside of my leg by accident if I'm wearing shorts.It should take some of the natural ringing sounds out of my pipe.I'm still thinking about it because it's kinda expensive and hard to find a small length about, 5ft.Also looking for white in color.There's also a coating that they use over the tape to seal it all up.Kinda like a cast,it is a HT silicon spray.
    I was also looking at those pads that line the inside of all the case covers,that
    Mr. Bluegoat was talking about.I had to take care of some other annoying noise issues like chain rubbing on fenders and chain guard.
    I'm going to keep an eye on these posts to see if we can get some good advice like Goat gave us. That name cracks me up because all I think about is that(Adam Sandler CD about the goat chained to the truck)
    *wondering if Bluegoatwoods ever heard that skit.I't a good 1..
    Anyways,hope you solve your popping issue.I would've started from the other side of motor 1st. with the intake &carb making sure you have a good seal.
    O-ring in the carb. replace intake manifold gasket and smooth it all out,but you probably did all that..Hey, Good Luck!

    keep me posted
    Happy Holidays ,
    Regards, Adam.......