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    Hi to everyone here. I'm a newby here and to gas bikes. I'm building my first one. I picked up a mid 90's area Ross Diamond cruiser 186 for $30. and have rebuilt the whole bike, new wheel bearings, neck bearings, new tires ,tubes, and rim strips. A new schwinn wide spring seat and new cables. The frame on this bike is very tall, lots of room for the motor. I have ordered the 4 stroke ghost racer 7G T-belt drive kit from I'm having one hell of a nasty time with gasbike, Everything I ordered from them was in-stock. I paid by credit card. It took four days for them to ship the order. They sent me an order number and tracking number the first day stating that it had shipped but fedex did not have the order. It took 28 phone calls, over a four day period to learn they had not shipped it at all. Lots of lies in that four day period also. Finally I talked to a rep by the name of Jose, who promised me it would ship that day and that he would ship it two day express. It took two more days to ship. According fedex, that two day shipping he promised me is taking six days to make it to me, 1200 miles from shipper. I have dealt with a worse company in my life, I 60 years old, so there have been a lot of dealing for me, lol. I'm dearly hoping to get this kit on 7/14/15 and finish this build. I'm also a disabled Veteran that can't drive a car anymore, but do ride bikes. This is going to be my main motorized transpo for around town. Any suggestions on installing this kit is much appreciated. I have 35 years experience as a motorcycle mechanic. I look forward to being part of the community and hearing from other members and seeing their builds also. Sorry for being so long winded this time around.

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    Welcome Bob.

    The HS engine is reliable but the 7G not so much.
    The clutch bell/pulley is not on it's own bearing supported shaft.
    It rides on the 142's output shaft with only an oilite bushing as it's belt tension support, and the bearings on the secondary pulley wears out quick.

    Keep an eye on both.