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Hi from K.C.Mo.
We have 2 new ne5 whizzers. My wife & I put over 800 miles on them last summer. We had a blast on them, I also have 2 motorcycles a honda cruser & a yamaha streettracker,neather one saw much action last summer we couldn't keep off the whizzers. This winter I built a hotrod motor for my 06 Ne5(Thanks to quentons parts & expert advise) the blk 06 runs O so sweet, My wife says theres no way I'm going to pass her, & wants her bike done before the riding season starts, I better get busy that only gives me about 2 or 3 weeks. This forum is the best, so much knowledge, Help & advise is shared, I look forward to being a member.!!!
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Welcome to the family!

Understand about enjoying the Whizzers more than the big bikes at times. I myself have both a Harley and a Suzuki Volusia as well as some smaller bikes. My Whizzer isn't done yet, but I'm sure when it is I won't be able to stay off of it for a while. Have fun and stay away from the road rash.