NEW MEMBERS READ THIS: 30 day course for newbies.

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by japat100, Aug 24, 2007.

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  1. japat100

    japat100 Guest

    to all new members ,take the 30 day course and read every post on this forum ,then come back and asked question ,,or maybe even give advice

    knowledge will be your greatest asset,,,,,, ,and will also help the moderators that volunteer there time

    if you asked stupid question ,it shows you did not take the course, you may not get back to many replies ,,,,,,take the 30 day course

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  2. drimpact

    drimpact Member

    Awesome idea! :grin: In my usual fashion it took me 60 days to complete the 30 day course.

    I have found more answers to my questions, and also many questions I never even thought of by reading. It does take time though, which means commitment! But if you are risking your hide riding a moterdBike you need to be committed.

    Where's the straight jacket Smile:?:
  3. japat100

    japat100 Guest

    theres allot of people find the forum , and join the forum the very same day , and start asking simple question ,and we all know the answers are here and easy to find ,, and i heard it said many times on reply by augidog read ,read ,read, and don"t expect us to do your homework ,,and i totally agree ,,as this forum grows this is gong to be annoying to augidog and others to keep repeating the same thing over and over again read,, read,, read ,,

    if anybody thinks this is a problem now ,,just wait until this forum gets in the thousands of members ,and it will sooner then you think ,we will all be riding our mb to visit one of our key members augidog in a mental hospital and when you walk in the door of the hospital you will hear someone yelling ,READ READ READ

    if this was my forum ,, i would have a rule you join the forum today and 30 day later you can then post question ,,so what do you think he or she will do when he is not able to post for 30 days ??? hes going to read ,read., read and he just completed his 30 day course

    yes thousands of members in the near future ,thanks to augidog and others that keep this the best most valuable information on mb anywhere
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  4. setch

    setch Guest

    Is it real?

    Is the "30-day course" actually a real thing or is it a euphemism? I've looked in the files and links section and I can't find any other references to it.
  5. drimpact

    drimpact Member

    There is no actual 30 day course. It is just an idea trying to get people to read before asking questions that would have been answered by reading what was allready here.:)
  6. Atriot

    Atriot Guest

    The simple solution that most other forums have is a newbie question section with stickies.
  7. setch

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  8. japat100

    japat100 Guest

    once you join the forum i suggested 30 days before you are able to post and start asking question ,,30 days may be a bit long ,, even 7 days would give new members a chance to read read read , there are over 400 post on fuel ,and yet newbie still start a new thread and asked question what type fuel ,so unless someone locks the thread there soon will be 1000 ,, that means to me that the newbie just joined 5 minutes ago and started asking question ,, i might have done the same thing myself when i first joined so i am not knocking anyone it just the way it is ,, as a member we all try find answers to make the forum better for all and that includes newbies ,,

    anyone that joins the forum must be interested in mb ,,if not they would not have joined , and in my view 7 day waiting for your first post ,gives you time to read the rules and read ,read, read and that way newbies will not be asking question ,, what type gas , what kind of oil ?? ,, so waiting 7 day is no big deal lots of forum that you join you may wait until they sent you a password ,
    heading for 700 members this forum will be in the thousands before you know it ,, just like a mb it starts of slow but once it get going lookout ,, so if theres not a solution found there will be 50 post a day asking what kind of gas ,, and what happens then all the good information that member enjoy reading will be burred 6 ft below ground,, i know augidog is trying his best to find answers ,so any suggestion that you have to pass on i am sure augidog would appreciate
  9. I look to the simpler, future forums.
    Forums that will scan a new post as its being typed and if there is already a topic that is the same as the new post it will just dump the poster to the topic already on the board or present a list to the would be poster of topics of the same.
    Newbies would have to go to the existing topics but the old time board users could have an over-ride.

    Kinda of like an auto-type finish tool that redirects a poster to existing topics.

    yeah that would be the ticket I wonder if it has been done or if it ever will be done.

    I'm sorry guys But I just think a bit different than most people, it's my burden-:lol:.(I'll shut up now)
  10. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    that's kind of like the "similar threads" auto-placement feature is now on my wish-list...

    yeah, & then i woke up :rolleyes:

    oh, tom...ready for a new challenge? :lol:;)

    btw: we have stickies and helpful tips everywhere...but they have to be read to be newbies don't read, they post...a typical forum-syndrome we're trying to
    overcome, and it's nice to see members get involved in this effort, for sure :cool:
  11. japat100

    japat100 Guest

  12. japat100

    japat100 Guest

    another point of view
    new member joins ,, need help for fuel ,, where do you think he goes ,,,,search of course ,,hit the search button ,bang ,,, a empty blank line opens up ,,punch in ,,what type fuel,,, gets back 400 returns ,, what does he say , this is crazy i only want to know what fuel ,, so then he starts a thread an ask a simple question ,

    part of the problem fore sure ,is the default setting for search does not help matters as it is set now ,, the default should be for ,,topics only ,,when the blank line opens up under search , he would be searching topic only he has a much better chance as a newbie to find his answer

    ,,show post or show thread should be under advance where senior members know what words to use to get good results

    and now you may ask why don"t the newbie go to advance ?? very simple answer ,,he is a newbie
  13. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    of course, it's all about because he's a newbie...we understand and try to help, but newbies used to know they had to learn first & participate slowly. old-school forums didn't have this problem to such a degree, a large number of today's new members see MBc as a support site by definition, so they hit us with demands and expectations that are unreasonable in a volunteer environment. i guess i'm discussing manners, same difference, eh?

    if you know how to tweak a search setting, you learned it somewhere. anyone who's found us knows something about searching, and if they've registered they're capable of learning what they needed to do that...they posted, learned another new thing...but, hmmm...kinda skipped right over the part about being cool :rolleyes:

    within a few posts, we all know who's trying, and who's trying to play us. i have no problem enforcing a policy as soon as i know it needs doin' :-/
  14. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    to answer the "too many results"'re not supposed to try to hit a bullseye right off. type in a couple or few words that you'd like to see in a subject line, get the 400 hits (you know why there's 400 hits, right? ;)), but then you quickly scroll thru rejecting the obvious, looking for "yours" or something that comes close. as you do, and you're clicking possibles, you'll begin to see (fairly quickly) how close you got or if you should try a different set of keywords...even 400 go pretty fast if you do it that way :)

    oh, and when you do find one, even if it's only close? then you go ahead and post your question as a "reply" instead of starting a repeat-topic :cool:
  15. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    which brings up the need for putting more thought into the subject line when you do start a new topic.

    a subject line of "which fuel" isn't a very decent attempt at an inquiry, "arrrgh, help!" may be hiding some
    great (and lost) information, and neither one will make much of a future search result...see?

    however, searching for "which fuel" would surely lead to the words "pre-mix" (ah-ha!) which would have led to more answers.

    if it's here, it probably is, you can get an answer from search a lot faster than you can by posting and waiting for the right one.

    EDIT: i just turned this into the "un-official" 30 day starter-course...note the sticky, see if it helps. if you're reading this one, go read the others too :p
  16. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    haha...too funny !!! :lol::lol::lol:
  17. gone_fishin

    gone_fishin Guest

    all good in the hood...we do have to keep trying until something works.
  18. try1897

    try1897 Guest

    I don't know but it seems to me many moons ago when I first came here this was a place to shoot the breeze when we weren't riding. We all had questions cause this was a fairly new thing. It seems to be getting a little too regulated . I'm meen I remember when the site was a newbie. I thought I was having fun.... Don't send me to school and make me sit in the corner ... Don't worry / be happy... Go ride your bike ... It will come to you!!!!................T
  19. I think some of the rules/changes are being put in place to keep it all manageable.The site is growing and it must be getting more difficult to keep it all tidy.

    Here is my take on a typical new forum user usage chart:

    New forum user-Has a problem with his/her whateveritis.
    Gets on net and does a search.(so yeah he/she can use search)
    Comes up with multiple sites.
    Joins the most promising/interesting site.
    Looks around a bit (1-3 minutes maybe) remembers problem with his/her whateveritis.
    May do a search but may not even know what it is called so search goes bad or comes back with far to many posts to read or the first few dont really give any detail "ie." it's really a limited/bad post.
    Posts a question about his/her whateveritis hoping for a quick anwser because it seems faster to just ask than to sift thru all the posts for a key piece of info.
    Looks over the forum for a few more minutes and goes to another site.
    Comes back later or next day to read any responses.

    Of course the people that just post a question without searching and doing some reading miss out on a lot of other useful info.

    But I have seen days go by with most of the activity in vent/rant posts which in themselves are kept under control but are of zero and I mean zero interest to me.
    Although I do understand the need to vent/rant at times I just would like to see some motoredbike related topics more than vents/rants even if it is a common repeat question.(ahh but those are my personal likes/dislikes so they dont count-oops that my rant about rants-yuck)
  20. japat100

    japat100 Guest

    lf there one think in life i hate is regulation ,regulations regulations ,, as the world get more populated there will be more regulation ...

    a true short story if you have time to read ,,
    in the 40s a man called "" the Rabbit "" nick name of course ,lived in my town of 2000 people , if you wanted to get a drivers license you had to go see the Rabbit ,, first question he asked ,how old are you ? ,reply ""16 '',do you know where the brakes are ??,, reply"" yes "", how many miles did you drive ? and if you said 100 miles he would go out and mark down the mileage on your car and tell you you need 500 miles to get a license ,so go out and drive another 400 miles ,,,

    when you done that you would come and see the Rabbit ,he would charge you $2.00 ,and i am told he keep $1.00 and sent the other one to the government ,

    back then it worked because there were very few cars ,and most only when 30 miles an hour ,,so how would that system work today ??

    the same with this forum when you had 100 or 200 members and all newbies you don"t need rules and regulations ,, but when you start heading for thousands of members you better get everything in place ,,yes rules and regulations are necessary evils

    i hate regulations ,, but if everybody got there drivers license from the Rabbit in 2007 i can tell you,,you would not live to see 25 ,,thats why we need regulations