NEW MILK crates available

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    Have you ever been tempted to borrow (aah steal) a milk crate? Well, now you can legally buy one or more right from the MFG.'ers distributor. These are the same crates we adore for storage and put on our bikes to store all our stuff. They are reasonably priced and you can even hide your rack mounted engine inside if needed. :idea:

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    Thats cool. I get mine from the trash. When they get nasty the milk/drink vendors throw them away sometimes, and all you have to do is take them to the carwash.
    Try looking in major gas station/truck stops. One time I found 50 in a dumpster but I was 1000mi from home in a daycab and had no way to keep more than a couple.
    Ask at milk producing/shipping companies. Sometimes they'll give you rough looking ones if you ask nicely.
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    Make sure to get a bill of sale

    Make sure to get a bill of sale!! Here in California and I assume in other states, it is up to $750 fine for EACH crate you have in your possesion and it would not take more than 5 to possibly to add up to a felony charge of grand theft. ( If the DA want to make you an example for those bad milk crate stealers)
    If you got a bill of sale for a one or a million crates for a buck, you got your six covered, but pinch one and you might be in for a very rude suprise (and huge legal bill). If you can't do the time, don't do that crime. (just buy one instead, that's the smater way):grin5:
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    I have a pair Wald steel, foldable grocery baskets for bicycle racks and they are still smaller than a standard 24 qt milk crate. The wald baskets can't hold 40 cans of brew nor hide that rack mounted motor and gear.
    Happy, please get a bill of sale for the ones you got. I hate to see a good guy like yourself end up in hot water over a few bucks. Cheap is good but foolish is not good. Thanks for the post!! :grin5:
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    I found mine in the middle of the street.
    It must have fallen off of a truck or something.

    I live in IN not Ca so hopefully nobody decides to make an example of me.
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    Well you may not live in California, but it is still illegal to posess a milk crate without the owners permission. check out the website I have posted here regarding theft and how much it cost US in hidden fees in products we use.
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    I honestly found mine in the middle of the street (not the side, it was in the part where cars would have hit it)

    If anyone ever decides to give me any **** about it I will just tell them I was recycling
    (picked up litter and reused it)

    Thanks for the heads up though
    I have never heard of a punishment for milk crate possesion

    I never knew there were milk crate activists out there

    So for the sake of having the proper information
    Where can I find the local laws in my state in regards to this

    And if I did happen to decide that it is wrong for me to posses this milk crate am I seriously expected to track down The Dean Milk company to return it.(I just checked the stamp for the very first time in my 6-8 years of ownership of this milk crate)
    By picking up litter am I obligated to track down the owner and return it.

    I guess that all this babbling boils down to is one question.
    What is someone in the situation I just described expected to do with this milk crate having just now learned that I may now be a criminal?
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    Step 1: google the company and see were the company is located, if merged the new company has the right to it.

    Step 2: call the company or simply return it were these fine food products are sold.

    Step 3: For the possible fines for having such milk crate(s) consult your states Penal code or Ag code for the amount of fine and possible punishment.

    I highly doubt the milk crate police will be looking for you, but we should not use someone elses property for our own use. I would not like someone to take my MB for a spin and decide to "borrow" it for a year before returning it. It is the same about using milk crates without the companies permission.You decide, as for myself I would rather buy one than get pulled over and hassled.:jester:
  10. I find my milkcrates in the dumpster thats for my apartment building, i got 2 already.
    By the way walmart sells milkcrates for $5, I think target also has them and many other places.
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    That may be true, but they are not the heavy duty ones the milk guys use. (they dont have the steel reinforcement around the rim and they aren't as strong as the comercial ones. That's why people steal the good ones!)
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    I don't know how to get a bill of sale for something I got out of the trash in such a condition a milk co wouldn't want it. The other was given to me by a company 1000 miles away and I don't want to go back to ask them about something they trashed 5 years ago, they would think I was crazy.

    Don't steal stuff and people won't call the cops on you. Thats the way it should work.

  13. OR...After the next epidemic of elections are over, just grab a bunch of those "coroplast" signs and make your own version of a carrier. I've seen recumbent riders make tail fairings to make their bikes more aerodynamic and also hold stuff. Zip ties in pre-punched holes works well, looks better than duct tape.
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    Now That is what I call real recycling !!!! AAAHM I mean the signs. :whistling:
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    re: Election sign recycling

    I've used garage sale signs like those to make MB fenders.

    Whatever you do, do NOT ever use a Post Office or UPS plastic tote, even if you find it in the ditch. And if you actually do, buff and paint it so you can't see "Property of US Postal Service, GOVT PROPERTY on it. " :dunce:

    I think the corrugated plastic could make a strong tote to be carried by hand, but would be very flimsy and flexible if used to bear weight on a bicycle rack, from the bottom.
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    MelMat guys ROCK !!

    Thanks YodaBob for the link to other suppliers on the East Coast. I just got back from Los Angeles from a visit to Mel Mat to buy 2 milk crates. These guys do accept credit cards and cash. They gladly took my order and I got them right then and there. GREAT SERVICE and products. Thanks to all the MB members for there input on this thread. :bowdown:
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    I wouldn't mind finding an Orange Krate in the middle of the road.
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    If you found it in the middle of the road and nobody was running to collect it, there might not be anything left!


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    That's exactly how I "acquired" the dairy crates in my current collection...

    "Oh, look what fell off the milk truck!"

    :idea: Maybe a letter to Dairy Fresh could convince them to go orange for the safety of the traveling public. Much easier to spot and "avoid" the crates when they're left sitting in the middle of the highway. :evilgrin: