new motor bearing seizure. fixed but bike drives poorly

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Jason V, May 19, 2015.

  1. Jason V

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    Hi. I have a new 200cc that at 2000 km started making a knocking noise. Garage said its a crank bearing. They opened up the motor to see it was a bearing; but due to poor oil pressure on the crank. Only the crank was replaced and now done 300km on it and the bike does not rev or pull through the gears without what i would describe as friction or flat spots. Its not fuel, Chain or mixture. The bike did overheat. Would the cylinder not warp or the rest of the motor been damaged and now causing this lack of power and jerky ride. Dealer says the top of motor got oil so does not matter if it overheated... anybody able to give me some advise.

  2. RumblingV8

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    What brand 200cc?
  3. crassius

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    could be anything - put together too tight, too loose - failed to note another bearing with rough spots, maybe diff model crank with key way or timing mark or whatever slightly different, etc

    might need to come apart again just to look - how's your confidence in that shop?
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    200CC? Maybe you should join a motorcycle forum! How I see it anyway. You lost your chevroleg card, and you need that to be MaBin.

    IMHO anyway, but I've been doing this thing since chinagirls in 2006. :D See my photo albums on profile.