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    Hello, everyone not sure if i introduce myself propertly last time, twosweet from phila,Pa, brought a 80cc grubee engine ,recieve it 2 days ago put it on the bike and still will not start.check 4 spark that is good-fuel in carb is good.their is a slight drag in clutch as if its trys 2 catch.turning flower nut in do no good ,turn it out only free wheels,can anyone help a man in serious need,,

    thank anyone that can help.

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    Welcome to the forum! Most mabbers don't get out of bed till noon Moscow time, so be patient for relevant answers. What mix are you using in your gas? Is the plug wet when you checked it? The clutch should freewheel at low rpm so it can idle at a stand still, if it's grabbing at low rpm an adjustment is needed...............................
  3. twosweet6251

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    hello darwin using 16 -1 gas when i check plug it is not wet but smell gas on is not starting, so their is no idle.
    thanks 4 ur reply.
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    24:1 is a little better, always use air-cooled 2-stroke oil BTW. You should get it to run with what you have if everything works right:

    Start with a half tank of gas. 1 liter (32-33oz) is perfect. Make sure petcock on tank is open, set the choke to max. Crack open tank cap, even.

    Pedal to about 10MPH, pop clutch, pedal hard. Give it varying amounts of throttle for 2-3 seconds at a time. Pedal hard.

    It should catch and start. If it starts, pull in clutch and give it throttle so you can warm it up for a minute or 2.

    If it don't start get a 4-stroke or jump in front of a bus. Just kidding :D
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    ok will try that and let u know

    thanks, Richard