New motor won't start goes out put once and awhile while peddling but that's it


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Oct 22, 2022
So I got a new 80cc motor and I can't get it to start I can't even do a plug chop. I try to get it started I pedal pedal and pedal I even stand up and pedal cuz it's making me hella tired and it won't start it will put put like it wants to start once in a while but that's it I feather the throttle nice and easy and I got it to start one time and I took it around the block but when I tried to get it started again nothing the same problem as stated above I've swapped out the spark plug I've swapped out the cdi and the magneto all done one at a time and yet still nothing please help y'all as I said this is a brand new motor


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I notice that the choke lever is full up which means the choke is on fully...Have you tried to start it in different positions or even pull the lever all the way done to off when you try to start it???

Although it won't stop you from starting it, your fuel filter is on upside down...The small round magnet inside is supposed to be facing the gas tank, not the

Also you should NOT have all your wires and cables coiled around the spark plug wire, it will move about and loosen your electrical connections which could stop it from starting...Use zip ties to secure your wires...Those wires touching the motor will melt into the motor in a New York second.

That is a wiring/cableing disaster.