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ight guys i got mu new dax 70 sent to me i put her on started her up and she runs smmother but with 3 miles on her she pulls harder than my old 70 with i186 miles . but all i sent dax was the blown motor THATS IT I BOLDTED MY OLD CARB AND EVRY THING ELSE UP AND THS NEW ENGINE HATES IDLING AND I THINK I HAVE A INTAKE LEAKwhen im on the throttle and i let off it keeps going for a few seconds and hold high idel and when i floor it ,it will bog , my old engine never did that and i even put the needle on the 4th slot wich is the richest setting and the pluug is barley bron and not oiley considering im breaking this one in o a 16;1 oil gas mix, i also sprayed the intaek with starting fluied when i had it runnig it and the idel went up so i know its the intake gasket any ides what i should do , maybe liquid gasket , sorry fro this long 5 paragraphs
use gasket material (from any auto supply)
also use a sealer (I use permatex copper)
my intake is on second bike and second engine (swapped cylinder, piston & rings)...still no leaks :D
there are numerous threads dealing with gaskets here do a search and add to an existing thread
(let me know and I will delete this one)
but azokronic do u think that all it is is that intake gasket i dont get that cause its brand new and no rips or tears but anyhow i do have rtv copper and i made a new intake gasket
you could try checking the carb is sealed to the manifold as well
they tend to leak through the slits on the side of carb
I use a rubber o-ring inside the carb to seal it
if you go that route, push hard on carb when tightening so it makes a good seal
good luck !
allright the new gasket is in and dry and this hi idel is still rolling im realy mad im going on vaction tomarow so can anyone help me i neednthis fixed by tonight!!!!!
Ok Id Die Cheack The Seal And Every Thing Its Still Has This Hi Idel **** And Bogs Real Bad And The Carb Is Set On The 4th Clip And The Plug Is Brown And Drie But That Peratax Cooper I Use Has Me Wondring If It Will Hold Up To Gas On It , Wont It Deterate
im going on vacation at 3;00 tomar with the bike so will see if she goes or blows
ight guys im back from vactaion the bike is still runnig :p but that permatax copper gasket didnt hold up the intake is still leaking :censored: should i make my own gasket ouf of cearal box cardbord or wat
did you let the permatex set for a while i usually go with 6 hrs on mine. my brothers has the problem with revving after you let off the gas and pull in the clutch its like the throttle is sticking but ive looked and it isnt
i let that permtex sit for 24 hrs and basically it reves by itself i have the needle on the 4th postion and also 2 warshers under it and the plug is no wet does tha tell u something is wrong lol, but this engine makes more noise like the piston doesnt have a close tolerence comparing it to my other 70 and bascally runs rough at low rpm at steady throotle until u hit the powerband then it smoothens out